ICTV: Jones - 'Better Defense, Better Team'

Nazair Jones talks about improvements on the defensive line.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Sophomore lineman Nazair Jones has witnessed the evolution of UNC's defense. 

Playing in a new scheme with new coaches is sure to be a change from his first season on the field, but he says the changes are unquestionably for the better.

"We've just been working hard, we took over the whole physicality mindset. It's clear to us that this team can be as good as it's defensive line so we're all trying to get ourselves better individually to make the defense as a whole better," he said. "Making the defense as a whole better makes our team better all around."

Jones said one of the aspects that's improving the defense is the simplicity of the 4-3 scheme. 

"The confidence is the same, it's just that the plays that we're running now are a lot simpler, we don't really have to think a lot it's just being physical and taking on a double team or slant into a gap, it's really simple."


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