ICTV: Schoettmer Leads Defensive Progress

Under Jeff Schoettmer's leadership, UNC's defense has progressed through fall camp.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- As the self proclaimed quarterback of the defense and a returning starter,  Jeff Schoettmer said he’s excited about what his group is capable of doing this season.

The middle linebacker spoke after Thursday's practice about how the entire defense has improved during training camp and what he's done to lead the way.

"It's been my job since spring, I'm just like Marquise on the defense,” Schoettmer said. “I have to get guys into position, I have to lead guys the right way. When things aren't going well I have to be the guy to step up and really control the defense, control the tempo of the team. So, yeah, I've done a great job and I continue to make strides on a daily basis and I look forward to the season."  

In addition to relying on his leadership skills, Schoettmer said they are all relying on the defensive line to succeed.

"They've probably made the biggest jump out of any position group since the spring,” he said. “I want to credit Nazair Jones, Jeremiah Clarke, Dajaun Drennon, Junior Gnonkonde, Mikey Bart -  all five of those guys have really taken their game to the next level. Coach Chizik preaches it everyday, if we don’t have a defensive line we're not going to have a defense. So it starts with them up front.”

Watch the video above to hear the rest of what Schoettmer had to say.

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