ICTV: Fall Camp Wrap-Up

Greg Barnes and Paige Hopkins on the end of fall camp and beginning of game week prep.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- With the conclusion of fall camp, and the beginning of game week preparations,  North Carolina's football players are excited to start the season. But, there are still questions that remain.

Inside Carolina's Greg Barnes and Paige Hopkins analyzed those remaining question marks.

The new 4-3 defensive scheme is one of the main uncertainties. Greg Barnes talked about how the scheme might look in a game situation as well as which defensive players will start. 

"How is this new 4-3 scheme going to play out?” Barnes said. "Fedora's been very big about saying ‘Hey, you're only in your base about 25 percent of the time, after that you're going into a nickel anyways.' But it still is a different scheme. We know that these guys have been able to do it in practice. Doing it in a game is totally different."

The new defense will be on full display in the season opener against South Carolina on Sept. 3.

To see the rest of what Greg and Paige had to say, watch the above video.  

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