ICTV: Three Keys to Victory Against SC

Inside Carolina's Greg Barnes and Paige Hopkins talk about what UNC needs to do to win Thursday night's season opener against South Carolina

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina's season opener is finally here. This game against South Carolina should look different from when the two teams played in 2013.

Inside Carolina's Greg Barnes and Paige Hopkins isolated three aspects of Thursday's matchup that will be key to a Tar Heel victory.

One of those aspects is improved team chemistry. The UNC players will have to maintain their morale and cohesion throughout the night, which often wasn't the case last season.  Barnes said it's one thing to develop team chemistry in the offseason or in training camp, but the season opener will be the first real test. 

"Thursday night against South Carolina, that's their first bit of adversity," Barnes said. "In training camp you have a little bit with injuries and it's a grind, but you're all on the same team. Thursday night that changes in front of the big lights.

"If they can come out of that game and still be in good shape there that bodes very well for the rest of the season."

Watch the above video for the full analysis. 

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