ICTV Postgame: Offense Struggles

UNC's defense showed improvements from last season while the offense struggled against South Carolina. That was the story of the night, as Greg Barnes and Paige Hopkins report.

CHARLOTTE N.C. -- Quarterback Marquise Williams and UNC's offense had an uncharacteristically sloppy game against the Gamecocks, while the defense showed significant improvement from last season. 

Inside Carolina's Greg Barnes blamed offensive struggles on false starts and interceptions. 

"Bottom line the offense has to be a lot better, they have to be much better across the board," Barnes said. "Outside of Elijah Hood there are a lot of issues. Six false starts, that's a big thing, Marquise Williams had three picks, pretty much in the red zone.

"I'll say this about Marquise I know he's getting a lot of grief on Twitter and on Facebook and on the message boards but this is a kid who came into this game he had 20 red-zone touchdowns against zero interceptions in his career before this game. He had a really bad night tonight. But make sure you remember that because that's an important aspect."

To see the rest of the postgame game analysis, watch the above video. 

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