Interview with Ian Firestone


Inside Carolina caught up with Ian Firestone after his visit at Boston College. Following is a description of Ian's visit at Boston College.

Ian arrived on Saturday due to his scheduled High School game on Friday night. Ian and his family (Father, Mother, and Brother) arrived in Boston on Saturday morning. He had breakfast on campus followed by some one-on-one time with the academic advisor for the football team. Ian attended the Boston College/WVU game on Saturday afternoon (BC victory). He enjoyed going to the pre-game meetings as well as spending some time on the sideline. Saturday afternoon and evening he spent time with his host from BC.

On Sunday, Ian spent time with each of the individual coaches. His position coach explained to Ian specifically the role that they were recruiting Ian to play. This particular position is designed to get the ball into Ian's hands approximately 20-25 times per game. He would be WR, run (off some formations), as well as handle kick return duties. Ian and his family were taken on a two-hour tour of Boston. Ian also got to watch a walk-through practice on Sunday. The family arrived back in Pa at approximately 3:00 AM on Monday morning (9/3)

Inside Carolina – How did you like your trip to Boston?

Ian Firestone – I really liked it. The campus was nice. I had the opportunity to spend some time with some of the players. I was treated well and felt like I could fit in.

Inside Carolina – You have said before that you would be watching how the WRs were used in the offense for schools you were interested in. What did you think of BC in this respect?

Ian Firestone – Their offense is pretty complicated. Unfortunately, the BC QB had an injury and had not practiced for 12 days prior to the game. Boston College was not able to utilize much of their offense but it looked pretty good on paper.

Inside Carolina – How did your HS turn out Friday night?

Ian Firestone – We had severe weather after 1 quarter so the game was stopped. We were leading 14-0 and the other team decided to forfeit.

Inside Carolina – How did you do?

Ian Firestone – I had three catches on offense and two interceptions on defense.

Inside Carolina – Now that you have been to both BC and UNC, how would you compare them?

Ian Firestone – I want to take my official visit to UNC in about two weeks before I decide which one I like best. I have been to UNC on an unofficial visit but I have not visited them officially yet. You get more interaction with the players, coaches, and academic advisors on official visits so I am holding off saying which one I like best until I visit UNC.

Inside Carolina – So, you are anticipating visiting UNC officially for the SMU game?

Ian Firestone – Probably, but I need to discuss it with my parents.

Inside Carolina – Did you see the UNC/Md game?

Ian Firestone – No, but I saw the score. Looks like they are having problems with their QB from what I have read.

Inside Carolina – Are you considering any other schools for official visits?

Ian Firestone - I'm looking at visiting Purdue, NW, Rutgers, Fl, GaT, and others

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