Wyatt Returning to UNC

Ben Wyatt will be in Chapel Hill this weekend as he continues to work towards a decision.

Ben Wyatt expected to be verbally committed by this point. Since that didn’t come to fruition, the long snapper begins another phase of his recruitment: game visits.

“So right now, I’m planning on coming out to a couple games at different schools,” Wyatt said. “That’s really my next big step.”

Wyatt, a 6-foot-1, 236-pounder from Concord (N.C.) Cannon, plans to begin this phase on Saturday in Chapel Hill for North Carolina’s home-opener against North Carolina A&T. Tentatively, he’ll travel to Duke the following Saturday to see the Blue Devils host Northwestern. Penn State and Stanford are also under consideration for possible game visits.

“I just really want to experience everything, see how the team really functions together, see how the coaches coach, see the atmosphere of the respective schools, and just kind of see how I feel at the school,” Wyatt said. “I’ve been thinking a lot about this decision and I just want to be able to see the games, because I haven’t gone to any of them.”

As he heads into this phase, Wyatt doesn’t claim a leader. As such, his decision date is uncertain.

“Once I feel 100 percent about a school, I will commit,” Wyatt said. “I’ll do it whenever I see fit.”

Of the four aforementioned, UNC is the only school to have offered Wyatt a scholarship. Duke, though, has presented a preferred walk-on spot. And then Stanford, where his brother is a student, will allow Wyatt’s forthcoming ACT score to determine its direction.

“I’ve been in contact with [Stanford] and I’m just seeing how things are playing out with them,” Wyatt said. “I’m not necessarily waiting on them at all – I just want to see all my options. But right now, I have the ACT next week, so that will end my ACT wait. I’m not waiting on [Stanford] at all – once I figure out what school I want to go to, I’m going to commit. I just want to figure out what fits me the best.”

Penn State is somewhat of a newcomer to Wyatt’s recruitment.

“I’ve been in contact with them a lot,” Wyatt said. “I went to their camp over the summer and I’ve gotten a lot of mail from there. So I’ve just kind of been talking with them.”

Chris Kapilovic, who recruits Concord, and special teams graduate assistant Jonathan Rutledge have teamed up to recruit Wyatt for UNC.

“They’ve been really great,” Wyatt said. “We’ve been talking a lot. I’m very open about where I stand. Obviously, I can feel the pressure, because they want me to go there, but it’s not overwhelming or they’re cracking down on it. They’ve just been great at working with me. It’s just been phenomenal to be working with them.”

Wyatt is considered the nation’s fourth best long snapper by Chris Rubio.

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