ICTV: Fedora Approaches A&T

Hear from head coach Larry Fedora before the Tar Heels take on North Carolina A&T in their home opener.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- With Thursday's loss behind them, head coach Larry Fedora says the team is focusing on this week's opponent: North Carolina A&T. And while the Aggies may not have anywhere near the same talent level as South Carolina, Fedora said they plan to take them just as seriously.

"[The game will show] what kind of team we are because a lot will be said about how we approach this team," he said. "This team can beat us just like any other team can beat us and so it's all about our attitude and our mindset the way we approach a football game. It should be no different than the way we approached the last one."

Fedora said players buying in to the team's new systems, helps with overall team confidence -- confidence that may help the Tar Heels enter their home-opener with a chip on their shoulder after last week's loss.

"It's good for them to see some success and just to see some confidence in their faces and in their eyes."

For the entire interview, watch the video above. 

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