ICTV: Nazair Jones Aims High

Nazair Jones called the Tar Heel defense's first outing "average," noting that they are just scratching the surface of their potential.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- While many media reports were quick to praise North Carolina's defensive improvement shown in the season opener against South Carolina, Nazair Jones was quick to put it in perspective.

He repeatedly used the words "solid" and "average" when assessing his unit's performance.

"We were solid, but we didn't do enough to win a game," said Jones, who was third on the team in tackles (6) from his defensive tackle position in the opener. "As a defense, we don't plan on outscoring people to win the game. If they score the points, then us losing the game is our fault.

"If we had played great, we would have won the game."

That's not to say that improvement wasn't apparent. Jones saw it in the film room when reviewing the game tape and even noticed it in the game stats. 

"You could see in the numbers that a lot of people had a lot of solo tackles - that means they got to the ball and they did their job and made the play by themselves," he said.

Watch the above video for the full interview.

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