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News & Notes: Tar Heels in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. --- Tar Heel news and notes from Sunday's UK Alumni Game, including Harrison Barnes's picks for his all-time UNC starting five, and full audio interviews with Barnes and James Michael McAdoo.


John Calipari said Sunday’s UK Alumni Charity event is expected to raise nearly $1.5 million for charities -- and UNC-related entities benefited from the giving. Calipari announced a $25,000 gift, along with $25,000 match, to the UNC Children’s Hospital and a $200,000 gift to a legacy fund at the Basketball Hall of Fame in the name of Dean Smith.

“That what it’s really all about,” Harrison Barnes said. To be able to do an event like this, play and have fun, but to be able to give the money to Children’s Hospital. And then for Coach Smith, there’s no greater testament. A $200,000 donation for him, that’s big.”


The NBA championship trophy is coming to Chapel Hill.

Former UNC greats Harrison Barnes and James Michael McAdoo, now teammates on the Golden State Warriors, are bringing their title-winning prize to the UNC-Delaware football game on Sept. 26.


Put on the spot after the game, Harrison Barnes rattled off his all-time UNC starting five.

“You’ve got to go with the GOAT, MJ. At the point guard, that’s tough. Phil Ford. I’m going to go with Big Game James (Worthy). I’m biased on that one. At center, I’ll go with probably ‘Sheed. And then I’d probably play Vince at the 2. We’d be able to switch, we’d be long. That’d be my starting five.”

And how does he think UNC would stack up against Kentucky’s all-time team?

“In a serious game? We’re going Carolina. You never bet against Jordan in his prime.”


Four of Carolina’s former players that suited up for the UK Alumni Charity game are playing professionally with the other half still involved with the game as coaches. Wes Miller, a UNC co-captain in 2006-07, is the head coach at UNC Greensboro. Bobby Frasor, an ACC All-Freshman in 2005-06 and NCAA champion in 2009, is the coach of his high school alma mater, Brother Rice in Chicago. UNC all-time 3-point leader Shammond Williams is an assistant at Tulane and Jerry Stackhouse, UNC’s player-coach for the event, was hired as an assistant for the Toronto Raptors in June.


The Kentucky and North Carolina programs represent the highest level of college basketball excellence, “blue bloods” in every sense of the word.

Both schools have more than 2,100 wins, 25 NCAA All-Americans and 100+ NBA draft selections. While Kentucky’s eight national titles eclipse the Tar Heels, Carolina has the edge in Final Fours, 18-17, and both programs have five championship banners since 1957.

The two teams have each beaten each one another reach the Final Four in the past 20 years. Williams and Stackhouse’s 1995 team beat UK 71-64 in the Southeast Regional Finals while Harrison Barnes and Leslie McDonald lost to the Wildcats in the 2011 Elite 8.


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