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Javon Leake Impressed by UNC Fan Base

Javon Leake's latest UNC visit has further strengthened the Tar Heels' position atop his list.

Accompanied by his mother and assistant coach, Javon Leake attended his first North Carolina football game on Saturday.

“The fan base was crazy, that was my main thought about the whole game,” the 2017 running back said. “Every first down, they had a little chant that they did – I liked that. The whole crowd did it and I like when a fan base is into a game.”

The visit experience has only strengthened UNC’s lead with Leake, a 6-foot, 192-pounder from Greensboro (N.C.) Page.

“They really focus on their players,” Leake said. “NC State does, too, but my mom didn’t like how they said if you get a certain GPA you didn’t have to go to class. She didn’t really like that because she really wants me to get my education. And Coach [Larry] Fedora really stressed [education] when he talked to her and she liked that a lot.”

Fedora left such a strong impression on Leake’s mother during their June encounter that she raved about UNC’s head coach all day Saturday, even though neither she – nor Leake – interacted with him on Saturday.

“She keeps telling me that she loves Coach Fedora,” Leake said with a laugh.

Leake and company arrived on campus about an hour before kickoff and thus missed most pregame festivities. However, he did catch the entire 53-14 rout of North Carolina A&T. As such, Leake believes he’s a perfect fit for UNC’s no-huddle, one-back spread offense.

“They use a three-back rotation and I like that because it keeps the ‘backs fresh,” Leake said. “We do the spread too at Page, so [UNC’s offense] is not different at all. So I would be used to it quick.”

In a similar offense, Leake has rushed for 435 yards and six touchdowns in three games for an undefeated team. He sat out Friday’s game with a low ankle sprain, but expects to be back in the lineup this week.

Due the late arrival, Leake didn’t speak to the UNC coaches prior to the game like most visiting recruits. To compensate, he spent time with primary recruit Chris Kapilovic and running back coach Larry Porter after the game.

“They asked me about my grades and then they asked me about my ankle and then how was my game Friday,” Leake said. “They talked to my mom a lot, too.”

Leake will continue to attend college games this fall and expects to be back in Chapel Hill very soon.

“Of course, of course I’ll be back,” Leake said. “I should be at a lot of home games this seasons. I’m not sure which ones.”

The only game visit Leake is sure of is Clemson vs. Notre Dame on Oct. 3. He attended NC State’s opener ten days ago.

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