Podcast: UNC 24 Hours Out From Illinois

Matt Merletti joins the show for a "Game Day" podcast to count down the 24 hours to kickoff.

How will Illinois respond after having its coach fired during fall camp? Is Illinois looking at this as a "litmus test"? Are there any "gimmie" wins for North Carolina against Power 5 teams? How will UNC approach the Illinois passing game with what has been an unproductive pass rush? Will UNC blitz more?

How has Gene Chizik simplified the defense? How will they fare against a much better passing offense than they have faced so far? Will this game be an important marker for how far the UNC defense has come? 

Has the offense switched to "Big Boy" offense in the red zone? Which will UNC see, the "Good Marquise," or the "Bad Marquise"? Should UNC continue to blend in Mitch Trubisky at quarterback?

How will the secondary play tomorrow? Will they mix in Malik Simmons, is he ready to go? 

Tommy Ashley, Greg Barnes, and Matt Merletti discuss. 

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