UNC Coach Larry Fedora Postgame: 'I'm Never Comfortable'

UNC head coach Larry Fedora discussed Saturday's win with reporters after the game.

Opening statement:

“Good to get a win today. First of all, I wasn’t very pleased with the way we played in the first half, and that’s my responsibility to have our guys ready to play mentally and I don’t know if we accomplished that. So that’s my responsibility. Challenged them in the second half to come out and play football the way we know we could and I thought our guys did a much better job executing and playing the way we should.”

Was your displeasure reflected by keeping Mitch Trubisky in in the second half?

“I wasn’t happy with the way we were executing, so I put Mitch in, and Mitch ran the offense well and did a nice job, so I decided to leave him in.”

Mitch had a lot of chemistry with the first team. Does he get a lot of reps with them in practice?

“We’re a little different because we’re probably about 55-45 practice-wise, maybe a little bit more than that. But it’s not uncommon for him to go in with the ones. And that’s been all year and if you think about it, from last year, too. Our guys don’t ever know who’s going to be in there in practice, they really don’t, so they don’t even think anything about it. And that’s a really good situation because if something happens to one, you want the other one to go in there and guys not to even think about it.”

How does Delaware’s rushing attack compare to Georgia Tech?

“There’s really not any comparisons as far as what they did and what Georgia tech does. Georgia Tech, you have to understand your option responsibilities, you’ve got to defeat blocks and then you’ve got to make tackles. If you want to make that comparison, you’ve got to defeat blocks and make tackles. Those two things compare on any run.

What is your comfort level with this team moving forward?

"I’m never comfortable. I wouldn’t have been comfortable no matter what happened in this game. We’re fixing to go to Atlanta and play Georgia Tech, and play the triple option and get ready for it in about three days. So there’s never a level of comfort for me since I’ve been coaching. But we’ve got to get our team ready. I think our guys will respond. I think they’ll practice hard, and we can’t waste a rep in practice. So we’ve all got to be locked in, ready to go tomorrow when we hit the practice field.”

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