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UNC Commitment Q&A: Brandon Robinson

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. --- After Brandon Robinson announced his commitment and donned a #UNC hat Monday afternoon, he sat down at Douglas County High School with Inside Carolina to discuss his decision.


Overheard you talking with your friends about Michael Jordan. What does he mean to you? 
“Michael Jordan, he’s the best player ever. You can’t compare anybody to Michael Jordan. LeBron? Kobe? They don’t even need to be mentioned in the same sentence as him. He’s the greatest player ever.”

As a two-guard, what skills do you hope to bring to North Carolina?
“I just feel like I have an all-around game so I can impact the game in many ways; on the defensive end, scoring or getting my teammates involved and finding the open guy and just making a basketball play.

You have another year until you get to North Carolina. What skill do you want to master before you get there?
I think I just need to be more aggressive. I think I come out too passive sometimes in the games and not just come out aggressive and get ready to score. But I think this year is going to help me out a lot with that because my team, they need me to score so I’m going to do whatever it takes for my team to win.”

How does North Carolina’s system fit your game?
“It fits my game a lot. It’s kind of funny. My dad, when he coached me in AAU, we used to run the Carolina break. We used to call it Carolina Two so that’s all we used to run and we used to score a lot of points in that break alone so I feel like me playing in that system already, the simulation of that, is going to help me out a lot.”

Who at Carolina do you sort of look at or perhaps they told you somebody to model your game after?
“Definitely Danny Green. He can shoot and get to the cup. He plays defense and gets blocks.”

Tell me about your relationship with UNC assistant coach Hubert Davis?
“I have got a great relationship with him. Ever since he saw me play against Wheeler last year he’s been talking to me. We have a great relationship; a great bond and I feel like over the years, I’m just going to be able to pick his brain and see what it takes to be an elite shooting guard in the NBA and stay there a long time, not just get there, but stay there.”

What’s it like to know you’ll be learning from Roy Williams?
“It’s crazy. The first time I met him and shook his hand I couldn’t believe it. Even when I went to the game when they played Duke last year I thought I was dreaming when I walked in the gym and then to spend time with him, to spend time in his home and meet with him and his wife and just sit there and talk with him was just great alone. And just to be with him for the next years is going to be great. To learn from him, learn what it takes to get to the league, learn what it takes to be a great college player. And he told me the best thing, he told me he’ll never forget my personal dreams and goals while I’m there and when we achieve team goals, our personal goals will come.”

Do you know fellow UNC commitment Tony (Bradley)?
“I know him from the circuit, but I haven’t really talked to him, but I’m definitely going to reach out to him today.”

Tell me about your relationship with some of the current Carolina players.
“When I went up there, definitely they all showed great hospitality. All of them are great guys. I have a great relationship with Luke Maye, Justin Jackson, Kenny Williams and Theo (Pinson) was a great guy. All of them are great guys and genuine and that meant a lot to me that they welcomed me into their family.”

Where were you the second you knew that Carolina was the school for you?
“When I came back, I thought I wanted to go to North Carolina, but then when you get off the exit to my school, it’s Chapel Hill Road and then Campbeltown Street and I looked at Chapel Hill Road and knew that was the school for me.”

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