ICTV: Chizik Calling for Discipline, Physicality

Gene Chizik is preparing his defense for Georgia Tech.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Gene Chizik hasn't coached against a triple-option offense in quite some time, but he has no doubt about the principles his defense must follow and prepare for in order to beat Georgia Tech.

"It's been a while since I've defended this particular offense," said the Tar Heel coordinator. "It's a huge challenge, no doubt."

"The two factors for success against this type of offense are making sure that discipline-wise everyone's in the right spot, that's number one. Number two, the physicality of the game and being able to get off the blocks. You can't stay blocked."

When pressed to single out the most important factor, he leaned toward the former.

"The biggest challenge is making sure we're in the right spots and everyone knows their job ... if you don't do that, you have no chance."

For the rest of the interview, see the above video.

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