ICTV: UNC's Defensive Focus for Georgia Tech

Shakeel Rashad and Des Lawrence give their take on how UNC's defense needs to execute in order to leave Atlanta with a win on Saturday.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Georgia Tech's triple option offense is rooted in deception.

UNC linebacker Shakeel Rashad said the Yellow Jacket offense frequently deceives defenders, which is why it's so important for each player to do their job and keep their eyes in the right spot. 

"It's like sorcery, you never know whats going on in that offense," Rashad said. "That's what it is, it tries to get your eyes in the wrong place... next thing you know somebody's running down the field and you had no idea they had the ball." 

Cornerback Des Lawrence said the team's preparation is paying off.

"We're ready to take on another task," Lawrence said. "We're starting to get there, the defense is coming along, offense is coming along. I think we're just (gaining) confidence as the season goes on and this is the first test. We want to be Coastal Division Champs and this is the first test in front of us."

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