Gene Chizik's Halftime Message to UNC's Defense

Jeff Schoettmer explains what defensive coordinator Gene Chizik said at halftime and how the defense overcame its early struggles to stop Georgia Tech's triple option offense.

ATLANTA --  The Tar Heels knew the Yellow Jacket offense would pose a major challenge and it certainly did.

Middle linebacker Jeff Schoettmer explained the bad start and what led to the turnaround.

"The first three drives our eyes were all over the place, we were getting used to the speed of the game and after that we settled down," Schoettmer said. "Coach (Gene) Chizik came in and talked to us at halftime and said 'We're not changing a thing. We're doing what we've been practicing all week. We don't have time to change anything so it's just up to y'all to execute it, to be physical, to create turnovers.'

"And that's what we did."

For the rest of the interview, see the above video

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