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UNC Commitment Q&A: Garrett Walston

Garrett Walston made major recruiting waves on Thursday with his decision to decommit from Georgia and commit to North Carolina. The Wilmington (N.C.) New Hanover tight end discussed the decision with ...


What led to you flipping your commitment?

“For a while me and my family had just been discussing staying close to home. [That way] they could attend most of my home games, which would be two hours down the road at UNC and they wanted to be able to watch all my brother’s games on Friday nights. That was the biggest thing – they’ve always been very supportive of me with what I’ve done, so I kind of want to be close to them.”

What were the last couple of weeks like?

“It was just talking about it with my parents and then thinking about by myself. There was a lot of quiet time.”

At what point did you start to lean towards UNC?

“I’d probably say three and a half weeks ago I wouldn’t say that I was started questioning myself, but I thought, ‘Is Carolina a better place for me to go and fit for me overall?’ I just kept thinking about that question and referring back to the proximity. I finally decided that Carolina was where I wanted to be.”

What was UNC’s reaction when switching your commitment became more of a reality?

“I was talking to (UNC OC/TE) Coach (Seth) Littrell about that and he was like, ‘Don’t be playing with my head and not commit.’ And I thought about it for one more week and I called him and told him, ‘This is what I want to do. I’m ready.’

“He’s been fired up. And he’s been emailing me every day. And since I sent [the Athletic Scholarship Agreement] papers in, I’ve probably got five, ten calls from him today.

“And I’ve called Coach [Larry] Fedora whenever he’s asked me to call him. He asked me to call him several times today and yesterday. They seem pretty excited and so am I.”

What’s going through your mind now?

“I’m just ready to be a Tar Heel and I like where the program is heading this year – they’ve gotten off to a great start. Hopefully some other guys will hop on board and we can get that ACC championship.”

When did you sign an Athletic Scholarship Agreement with UNC?

“Yes sir. I did that [Thursday]. ”

Have you made any visits since you committed to Georgia?

“After I committed, I went to [Georgia’s] Dawg Night, but that’s the last time I’ve been anywhere.”

When’s the next time you’ll be back to UNC?

“I may attend the game next weekend.”

Since you’re an early enrollee, have you set up your official visit?

“Yes sir. Coach Littrell told me that most of the guys were planning to be there Dec. 19. But I’ll be playing in the Shrine Bowl, so he told me to pick a game. He told me the Miami game would probably be best, so that’s probably what I’m going to pick.”

After committing to Georgia, did Seth Littrell stop recruiting you?

“No, he never stopped recruiting me. I got a few emails from him a week, he’d call me once a week, and he told me I could call him whenever I had any questions. He always told me good luck before my games on Fridays.”

How did that relationship play in this decision?

“Huge. His relationship with me is almost like a really good friend. He talk to me about anything and I can talk to him about anything. So I think that’s pretty cool. At times he can act like a teenager and I think that’s pretty cool.”

You’ve also been talking to (UNC QB commitment) Logan Byrd, correct?

“Yeah, before I committed to Georgia, Logan probably texted me every day – maybe twice a day. And then we even spent some time together at [Fedora’s] Freak Show. We hung out that night and spent the night together.”

After you committed to Georgia, UNC picked up a commitment from Noah Turner, another tight end. What impact did that have and has UNC talked to you about that situation?

“When I was about to choose between North Carolina and Georgia, they said that if I didn’t commit to Carolina that they would probably have someone commit the next day. I said, ‘That’s fine.’

“I know wherever you go, you’re going to have to compete against multiple guys, so that didn’t really affect me.”

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