ICTV: UNC's Marcus Paige Keys On 'Talent and Experience'

Senior guard Marcus Paige said his team has the tools to take his last season of UNC basketball by storm.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.-- Marcus Paige had the summer to first rest his ankle and then improve his game. Now he said he's ready for this team to take his senior year by storm.

"The older you get the easier it is, just going through practices and getting your mind right for the day-to-day grind," Paige said. "After you've been through it a couple times it almost becomes second nature or it becomes a habit. I think experience and older teams definitely have an advantage as long as they're still talented and I think that's one thing this team has talent and experience." 

Paige said if the team is able to fix little mistakes, they'll have a chance at being great during his last year.

"Wisconsin was considered a great team last year, what seperated them from us was a couple possesions," Paige said.

"We had that situation in a lot of games last year where we had second half leads and just couldnt hang on. Just being mentally tougher and foucssing in on the details and transfering what coach is tellling us in the locker rooms and timeouts to the court. We have all the talent and the ability." 

To see the rest of the Media Day interview with Marcus Paige, watch the above video.

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