UNC's Brice Johnson Wanting More

Brice Johnson spoke at Media Day about the changes both he and the team as a whole must make to take the next step in 2015-16.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Roy Williams continues to push Brice Johnson.

The senior has shown improvement in each season at UNC, including earning All-ACC recognition while finishing second in scoring and first in rebounding last season. 

"It has been a very steady thing," Williams said at Media Day. "I think you saw him as a freshman and said, 'Boy he's even better as a sophomore.' Then you saw him as a junior and said, 'Boy he's better as a junior.' Then his head coach is saying, 'I want more.'" 

Williams has been able to show Johnson throughout his career that the potential is always there for better play.

"I'll have my best game, think I'm doing well, but when he shows me film he says you still could have done more," Johnson said. "Even I can see it on the film. (He says:) 'We could do a lot more if you would just cut down on not boxing out or getting back on defense a lot faster.'

Johnson is not alone. This team's inability to close out big games a year ago has been a rallying cry to show that everyone can do more.

"We have a poster up in the locker room of all the games we were up in the second half," Johnson said. "Wisconsin was one of them. We get away from turnovers and those defensive letdowns we could have ended up in the Final Four."

And that is where the Tar Heels hope to end up this year.

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