ICTV: Kennedy Meeks Focused Above The Rim

Kennedy Meeks is working to realize his improved quickness and explosiveness.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Kennedy Meeks's physical transformation has been well documented. But his improvement is about much more than just the reading on a scale.

"Kennedy's lost weight, is that going to correlate directly to improved, more explosive play around the basket?" Roy Williams asked on Media Day. "We'll have to see on that."

Meeks says he has noticed another level of improvement in quickness and stamina.

"I feel myself jumping a lot easier, I feel myself running a lot better," Meeks said. "I don't get tired as quickly as I used to. I'm just improving in all those areas.

"I feel myself getting a lot stronger so that always helps with the weight loss."

There's a mental aspect to it as well, realizing he's no longer in a 300-pound frame and taking advantage of the newfound ability.

Meeks said he's working on a jump hook, and Williams has urged him to work hard at realizing his added explosiveness.

"He always says it's about giving the effort," Meeks said of his conversations with his head coach. "So that's my main focus - trying to get above the rim as much as I can, every play in practice.

"I feel like I have a little ways to go but I can definitely feel myself getting above the rim a lot faster, a lot quicker. Lateral movement, everything is just faster."

For the rest of the Media Day interview, watch the above video. 

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