ICTV Postgame: Confident Tar Heels

UNC has secured a 2-0 start in the ACC for the first time since 1997. Greg Barnes and Paige Hopkins give insight on how the Tar Heels got the win over Wake Forest and the significance of the undefeated conference start.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The Tar Heels excelled in offense and defense to get the win over the Deacons. Despite a slow offensive start and lack of personnel on the defense UNC was still able to rally for the win.

Inside Carolina's Greg Barnes said North Carolina has confidence on their side. 

"After so many years of not winning the first game or struggling out of the gate, now you're 2-0, that confidence is just sky high," Barnes said. "In talking with everybody this is a team approach. It's not just offense, not defense. Everybody is working together.

"The schedule is working in their favor, a lot of things are line up for them and they're just going about their business with the right approach." 

Barnes said the Tar Heels will have to avoid over confidence in order to continue their success. 

"I think the key for this team is not getting too big of a head," he said. "They should win next week pretty easy, Virginia is not a good football team - I know they won earlier today but that's a game the (Tar Heels) should win and then things get tough. So if they can keep their emotions in check, stay even keel, keep the same workman like approach that will really serve them well over the last month and a half of the season." 

For more post-game analysis, watch the above video. 

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