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Recruit Eval: WR/S Myles Dorn

Game evaluations of UNC target Myles Dorn, plus 2017 targets Kingsley Ifedi and Ryan Jones from Friday's game.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. --- After watching Vance score a touchdown and convert the ensuing extra point during the first possession of overtime, Mallard Creek responded with a James Smith touchdown and elected to go for a decisive two-point conversion. Running back Chancery Bowman ran in the try to give Mallard Creek a 22-21 MECKA Conference win.

The aforementioned scenario was set up when Vance quarterback Kingsley Ifedi connected with his brother, Jonathan, in the back of the end zone to tie the game at 14 with three seconds to play.

Myles Dorn, Charlotte Vance, ‘16

With NC State head coach Dave Doeren watching from the sidelines, Dorn abandoned his usual safety position – the position where most schools are recruiting him at – to play cornerback. Specially, he was tasked with shutting down Mallard Creek wide receiver/Kansas State pledge Corey Sutton – and Dorn did just that. Sutton didn’t catch a single ball and was only targeted twice. One of those targets, Dorn broke quickly on the pass and batted it to the ground (clip 5).

Dorn was also in on seven tackles – most of which he assisted. Considering he’s a safety by trade, one would expect him to be more active in run support than he was Friday night. In fairness to Dorn, Vance’s coaching staff likely told him to focus on taking Sutton out of the game.

Offensively, Dorn caught four passes for 37 yards on 10 targets. With one exception, all of his “incompletions” were the result of poor passes. However, his lone drop was costly – it tipped off of his hands and into cornerback Ryan Jones’ mitts for an interception (clip 6). Dorn’s a big target, who creates separation from defenders with crisp cuts and isn’t afraid to jump into traffic for a pass.

Overall, Dorn has a great feel for the game.

Two items which won’t show up on the above footage: Dorn’s emotion and leadership. Due to his indecisive approach to recruiting and bland responses in interviews, he’s incorrectly casted as emotionless. However, he was demonstrative after several plays – namely, his pass deflection and Kingsley Ifedi’s touchdown run in overtime. But, he doesn’t allow those emotions to harm him or his team. Noticing a teammate jawing with a Mallard Creek player after a play, Dorn bolted across the field to separate said teammate so that the confrontation didn’t escalate and draw a penalty. There was another situation where Dorn got into the face of a teammate for shoving a Mallard Creek player after the play.


Like Dorn, Ryan Jones, a 2017 athlete who UNC offered over the weekend, vacated his typical position (receiver) on Friday night to shut down his opponent’s top receiving weapon: Dorn. Though Dorn caught four passes, Jones made two interceptions. In addition to the giftwrapped INT in the first quarter, Jones picked off a pass in the end zone to essentially send Vance into halftime with a goose egg on the scoreboard.

Kingsley Ifedi, a 2017 quarterback, scored all three of Vance’s touchdowns (two rushes, plus a one-yard pass to his older brother, Jonathan), but he seemed uncomfortable against one of the fastest and most physical defenses in the state – particularly in the first half where he completed five of his 15 attempts. Overall, his mechanics were inconsistent causing his throws to be all over the place – he missed receivers high, low, ahead, behind, etc. 

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