ICTV: Switzer 'Clears' The Air

Ryan Switzer took the offseason salvo from a Wake Forest coach personally and responded on Saturday.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --  The Tar Heels have been making statements on and off the field during the 2015 season. They did both on Saturday.

A tweet several weeks back from Bug Howard garnered attention and served as a rallying cry.  And after the rout of Wake Forest it was Ryan Switzer making waves with less than 140 characters.

While Switzer has been much less active on social media than past seasons, a Wake Forest coach was on his mind Saturday.

Deacs assistant Adam Scheier vented after losing a recruit to the Tar Heels back in February by tweeting that North Carolina was: "UNClear about the definition of a student athlete," a reference to the academic wrongdoing that has plagued the University in recent years.

This message didn't sit well with Switzer, and it was still on his mind eight months later after Carolina's decisive win over Wake Forest. He sent out a picture of himself holding a sign that read, "Nothing UNClear about 50-14."

Switzer said he felt like he needed to defend his football family.

"You take it personal when your family is attacked," he said. 

To hear more about what Switzer had to say, watch the above video.

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