ICTV: Scouting UNC QB Commit Logan Byrd

Breaking down UNC pledge Logan Byrd through senior season footage.

Although Kathleen (Ga.) Veterans’s 2015 offense leans on its running game, it revolves around quarterback Logan Byrd – just like it has the previous three seasons. Much of that running game originates out of the read option where Byrd is the one making the read. And then obviously when a pass is called, he is tasked with getting the ball out quickly and accurately to his receiver, who run a variety of routes that spread the defense from sideline to sideline. The result: Veterans is undefeated after its first three Region 2-AAAA games.

Whether by design or out of necessity, Byrd regularly makes throws on the move. In those situations, he keeps his eyes downfield while keeping distance between him and the pass rush.

That same mobility forces defenses to heed the QB draw and respect Byrd keeping the ball on a zone read. Once he tucks the ball, Byrd transforms into a powerful runner with deceptive speed.

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