ICTV: UNC's Gene Chizik on Solving the UVa Puzzle

Virginia is 2-4 but Gene Chizik said that record is deceiving.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The Tar Heels have played well this season and their record reflects their success, but that's not the story for every team. Defensive coordinator Gene Chizik said Virginia has a strong football team and their record is a reflection of a difficult schedule, not poor play.

Virginia has faced the 8th toughest scheduled in the nation, according to Jeff Sagarin's ratings system (UNC's scheduled ranks No. 100), with its four losses all coming against formidable opponents (UCLA, Notre Dame, Boise State, Pittsburgh).

Chizik said UNC's defense will face a challenge on Saturday.

"Offensively they're probably the best offense we've played," Chizik said of the Cavs. "In my opinion the offensive line is really well coached, very sound in what they do. The record to me is definitely deceiving. There are some wins they left out there that they really could've and should've had.

"We're going to have to play really well defensively to stop these guys."

And in order to play really well the coordinator said his defense is hard at work studying the complexities of the UVa offense.

"They're very multiple in what they do and so it's kind of a puzzle trying to figure out a puzzle," Chizik said. "They're always moving, they have a lot of personal groupings, they run basically the same plays but they do a good job of masking how they get to it."

For the rest of the interview, watch the above video. 

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