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UNC Commitment Q&A: Marlon Dunlap

After calling the Tar Heel coaches to inform them of his commitment Sunday evening, West Charlotte (N.C.) defensive tackle Marlon Dunlap talked with Inside Carolina about his decision.

Q&A with Marlon Dunlap

What happened today?

“I was real close after yesterday, but I wanted to wait for my mom to get here and talk to my family. They gave me their blessing and they wanted me to go ahead and do it. I talked to my mentor and he wanted me to go ahead and do it. So I went ahead and just settled it.”

How did you go about “settling it?”

“I called Coach [Gunter] Brewer and I told him, ‘Coach, I just talked to my family and I’m ready to go ahead and lock it up. I’m ready to do it coach.’ I talked to Coach [Larry] Fedora. I talked to Coach [Gunter] Brewer and I talked to Coach [Tray] Scott.”

What was it about UNC that sold you?

“The coaches. The coaches are great. The love me – and not just as a football player; they want to see me succeed in life. And that’s all you can ask for from anybody.”

Was Saturday’s visit your first live UNC football game?

“It was my first game at Carolina and it was a good experience, too. I’ve never seen them in game time action. I’ve never seen them coach in game day. I’ve seen them coach in practice, but I’ve never seen them coach in game day.

“I got to see how the defense goes about being prepared and how the whole team comes out. I got to see the fans and how they react to the game. It was a good experience seeing that yesterday.”

What was the attention like that you received from the UNC staff on Saturday?

“It was like no other. I’ve never had this much love and attention from one school. It started with the helicopter (visit at my game by Coach Fedora). But I loved every little bit of it yesterday. I wasn’t expecting anything less from them. I felt like a family there walking around.”

Did you sit down and meet with any of the coaches on Saturday?

“I sat down with Coach Scott and talked with him and I talked with Coach Fedora. They were just telling me to take my time and that they would love to have me down there. And they wanted to make sure that I love them and I told them, ‘You know I do.’ They were just keeping the message consistent.”

Are you fully committed to UNC or do you still intend on visiting other schools?

“I’m fully committed to North Carolina, but I’m still going to visit other schools. East Carolina wants to show me what they’re about. Florida just came in and they want me to visit. So I’m going to check them out.”

When will you be back at UNC? The Tar Heels have two home games left.

“I know I want to [go to those last two games]. Those are going to be big games, especially with how Carolina is playing right now that Duke game looks like it could be for the division."

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