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Brandon Robinson Revels, Recruits at Late Night

Brandon Robinson's 'Late Night with Roy' experience went well beyond the event itself.

Q&A with Brandon Robinson

This was your first visit to Chapel Hill since your commitment. How was the trip?
It was a great visit. The coaches were excited for me and just happy that I committed there. They just really welcomed me into the family and showed great hospitality there. It was a great time. I got to watch them practice and hang around the team at the football game.

Walk me through your visit, what all did you do while you were in town?
I got there Friday night and we went to Late Night with Roy. After that I met Kenny [Smith] and just talked to the players afterwards and sat down with Coach Williams for a little bit. The next morning I had breakfast with the team, watched them practice and actually before practice I got fitted for all of my stuff for next year. That kind of just made me realize that it was really real. They wanted me to try on stuff so they could go ahead and order my stuff for next year for when I come in. That was crazy. That was unbelievable, the Carolina jersey. Just how I want my jersey to fit and what number I would like to wear for next year. Just being around the program was just amazing. Then I watched practice with my family and then we went to the tailgate and football game. Then we came home.

Did you settle on a number?
I’m either going to wear four or 14 next year. It depends on if Isaiah stays or leaves or switches his number back to 22. If he doesn’t then I have to wear 14.

What did you think of this year’s UNC team from watching practice?
I think we have a great shot at winning the national championship this year. The guys, they work hard and compete in practice everyday. Coach Williams and the rest of the coaching staff, they are intense in practice and they all push each other and they work hard.

Obviously you know a lot about their program and how they play, just from being there and watching practice did it give you a better sense of how they plan to utilize you?
It definitely did. Their guards get a lot of open shots. They need someone to come in and knock down shots. They push the ball, which I love. They like to trap too. That’s two things that I think I can bring to the table, with my length and shooting ability. I think I fit very well into that program and their style and system. Playing alongside the other guys they are very unselfish and play well together as a team.

What did you think about Late Night?
It was amazing. Just the fanfare was crazy. They care a lot about Carolina Basketball there. Just when I was walking to the bathroom people would come up to me and say welcome to the family and ask to take pictures with me, it was crazy.

How was your personal time with Coach Williams?
We sat down for a little bit after Late Night. Everybody had left and it was just me, him and my dad just talking.

You made your commitment a few weeks ago, but did this visit confirm to you that you made the right choice?
Yes, definitely. I felt like I made the right choice and I didn’t have any second thoughts about it. It was just a family environment, which I love. Just everything I was looking for was there. The family environment, the style of play, the resources after basketball and then there’s a coach on the coaching staff that can help me out like Coach (Hubert) Davis with him playing my position in the NBA for a long time. I think he can help me grow as a player.

You and Tony Bradley were the committed prospects there, but there were quite a few uncommitted players in attendance, were you trying to recruit those guys?
I spent the most time with Udoka [Azubuike] because he had his official this weekend. I spent a lot of time with him and talking to him because I know he can help us out and we can use him. Just having more talent helps the program. With me obviously playing AAU with him I knew him better than anybody else. He’s kind of a quiet person and doesn’t talk to anybody. But if he gets to know you he’ll talk to you. I think me talking to him helped out a lot.

What about Seventh Woods, did you spend any time with him?
I talked to him. I spoke to him afterwards. I didn’t sit next to him and he had to leave out. But I talked to him.

Did you and Tony get to know each other better?
I spent a little time with Tony. We always talk back and forth. I think he’s a great person and a great player too.

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