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UNC Target Intro: Keldon Johnson

Keldon Johnson, a prospect to watch in the 2018 class, got his first look at UNC.

Keldon Johnson made his first unofficial visit to North Carolina on Friday.

“It was great,” said Johnson, a class of 2018 guard. “It was a great experience going to North Carolina for Late Night with Roy.”

“We got stuck in traffic, so we got there when they were introducing the starting lineups for the boys basketball team,” he added. “We stayed there the rest of the time. They had a lot of funny activities. Afterwards we got to meet Roy [Williams] and I got to talk to him for a couple minutes.”

Johnson, of South Hill (Va.) Park View Sr., said meeting with Williams was among the highlights of the one-day trip to Chapel Hill.

“He was just talking to us about the recruiting process and how it’s not just about offering somebody,” Johnson said. “He said if he’s going to offer me, he’s going to have a real great relationship with me.”

What was Johnson’s biggest takeaway from the conversation?

“I really understand the true process of recruiting,” Johnson said. “It’s not just ‘we saw him and now we offer him.’ That might be nice sometimes, but when you look at the overall picture sometimes it is about the relationship.

“Roy said he was close to the last offer for everybody on his team,” he added. “I think that’s nice. It was really good watching their team play and stuff too.”

The Tar Heels recently began recruiting the 6-foot-4 wing after seeing him play with Team Loaded during July.

“I initially heard from them during the summer,” he said. “My AAU coach told me they were going to be at the game. Then I finally got to meet with Roy at Late Night with Roy. He said he’s going to be at a lot of my games this year.”

“I think they are really interested,” Johnson said.

North Carolina assistant C.B. McGrath is the point man in the Johnson recruitment.

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