ICTV: UNC's Second Half Success Explained

North Carolina's defense has played exceptionally well in the second half. Small adjustments are making a big difference.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The numbers speak for themselves. 

North Carolina's defense has allowed a total of 45 second-half points in seven games, including halting the vaunted Georgia Tech rushing attack and then shutting out the last two opponents (Wake Forest, Virginia) after halftime.

Despite these major defensive victories, players and coaches alike made clear that defensive halftime talks never include major game plan changes, just small adjustments that are clearly making a big difference. 

Defensive coordinator Gene Chizik said they don't try to reinvent the wheel during defensive halftime talks.

"Believe it or not it's been kind of a bizarre year," Chizik said. " A lot of the teams we've played in the first half have come out and done some different things than we expected for different reasons. I think one of the things our kids really do a great job of is seeing the game and when we go into halftime and we talk to them and we adjust things it's not like we reinvent the wheel but we're really just narrowing in on what the other teams are trying to do." 

Defensive line coach Trey Scott agreed with Chizik. He said those small changes are at the heart of coaching and playing defense. 

"I think it kind of transitions throughout the game," Scott said. "The first series you get a feel for it and they've done a good job because the offensive teams that we've played have done a good job of showing us something totally different than what they've done in the past. So you've got to adjust to it, that's what defense is about."

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