ICTV: UNC QB Marquise Williams's Divided House

Quarterback Marquise Williams will face the Blue Devils for the final time in his career on Saturday but not everyone in his family will be cheering for the Tar Heels.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- It's not uncommon for UNC players to face friends and acquaintances on the football field, especially during games against Duke.

After all, eight miles separate the two campuses and there is heavy overlap in their recruiting territories.

One Duke player in particular hits close to home for Marquise Williams. This Saturday Williams will see his cousin, senior defensive tackle Carlos Wray, across the line of scrimmage.

Williams said the rivalry between them runs deep.

"He hasn't talked any junk yet, I'm waiting on that text or phone call this week," Williams said. "It's exciting going against your family member just to have bragging rights."

Williams said having family connections to the Duke rivalry makes it even more personal for him.

"Last year I had the bragging rights," Williams said of UNC's convincing 45-20 win last season.

"Half of my family is Duke and half is Carolina because that's how it's divided,” Williams said. “It’s just the worst divide. I just tell them you can't be a Duke fan and if you are I just won't claim you for the rest of that season."

For the rest of Williams's Monday press conference, watch the video above.  

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