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Roy Williams Announces Three UNC Signees

Roy Williams announced the signing of Tony Bradley, Brandon Robinson and Seventh Woods, providing comments on all three in video statements on Thursday.

Tony Bradley - 6-10 - Bartow, Fla.

"He's a wonderful kid. Tony Bradley is one of those kids that you think you're going to enjoy so much every single day. Great family. Mom and Dad have done a great job raising him. He has the proper values, he has the values we think we'll appreciate a great deal. He's the kind of kid you'll enjoy and as a basketball player. I know he'll work hard every single day and try to get better. He's excited about coming to North Carolina.

"He's a little bit of a cross between the body of a svelte Sean May when Sean was a junior, and he runs extremely well - not quite as well as Tyler Zeller, but he's in the top two or three runners for big guys that we've ever had. He's just going to get better and better and better. He's working really hard and we're really excited about having him both as a basketball player and as an individual."

Brandon Robinson - 6-5 - Lithia Springs, Ga.

"Brandon Robinson is a really unique young man because he reminds me a lot of Jackie Manuel and the players used to think Jackie was my son how much I bragged on Jackie. Brandon has the same type of build, even thinner right now than Jackie was, but he's going to be able to put on weight. He's a 6-5, 6-6 swing player who can be really good defensively, can shoot the ball from the outside, can get some offensive rebounds, can come up with some steals and loose balls. And I think he's really going to help us a great deal on both ends of the court.

"Wonderful family, both mom and dad care about what he does in the classroom. I go by his high school and all the teachers just came out wanting to say hello to me and tell me what a great youngster he was and what a quality student and a quality person we were getting. He fits in with the kind of young man we like to have."

Seventh Woods - 6-2 - Columbia, S.C.

"Seventh Woods is a guy that we've been recruiting it seems like since the first year I got here. Very explosive young man. It's really unique and special the speed that he can play with and how aggressive and outrageous he can be and yet he's so shy and quiet personally that it's almost two personalities that he has. Again Mom and Dad have done a great job raising him. Very good student at Hammond School, very good school in Columbia, South Carolina. The teachers, principal and everybody loves him to death.

"He's got some explosiveness as a player that we haven't seen since Ty Lawson. He has that ability to go full speed in an instant. He can push the ball up other peoples' back even after a made field goal and put a lot of pressure on the defense. His shot is getting better and better - he made as many as eight threes in a game - and yet that's nowhere near the strength of his game. His strength is taking the ball to the basket and on the defensive side of the ball. We're really ecstatic to have Seventh a part of our program."

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