ICTV: 'Dream Come True' for Kenny Williams

Freshman Kenny Williams said his dream came true Sunday afternoon when he played his first game in the Dean Smith Center.

What’s been the most difficult thing to adapt to at the college level?
"Just the strength of everybody. Everybody’s a lot stronger than when you’re in high school. You’ve got guys that can lift all kinds of weight, so just going down and bumping bodies with them, that’s been the biggest adjustment, because you don’t always go against big guys when you’re in high school so coming down in every game, you’re going against somebody bigger than you, or somebody who can lift more, it’s just a big adjustment."

How have you adjusted to the speed of the game?
"I think I have a little bit more to adjust to, but I think my teammates have helped me in the month of practice get ready for the speed of the game."

What was it like playing your first actual game in the Dean Dome?
"It felt good. It was like a dream come true. I always grew up wanting to play here. So it was really a dream come true for me, and it felt really good to have that “Carolina” on my chest."

How do you adjust from making larger contributions in high school to being more of a role player now?
"To me it’s just doing everything I can to help my team. If I need to come in and make a couple of shots, then I’ll do that. If I need to come in and defend a certain person, then I’ll do that. I measure (my contribution) by what my team needs me to do, and how well I do that. It could be anything on the court."

What does Coach Williams tell you he expects out of you?
"Just to defend and be ready to shoot when I’m on the offensive end."

What’s different about the way he wants you to defend as opposed to the way you’re used to defending?
"It’s not a whole lot different. My high school coach really emphasized defense like we do here, so it’s not a big adjustment on the defensive end, it’s just a couple of principles that we do differently."

Such as?
"Full-out deny, all the way out, or at least all the way out to half-court. I’m not really used—We didn’t really do that in high school. That’s really it. Everything else is basically the same."

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