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S Myles Dorn 'Getting Close' to a Decision

The Charlotte safety took his third official visit this past weekend -- to UNC.

With three official visits down and one more to go, Myles Dorn believes he’s edging closer to making his collegiate decision.

“Yea, I’m getting close,” Dorn said. “The next two or three weeks I’ll be deciding.”

Even though he has a time frame in mind, Dorn says he’s “not really” leaning in any direction. Clemson, North Carolina, NC State, Ohio State, and West Virginia appear on equal footing for the 6-foot-1, 175-pound Charlotte (N.C.) Vance safety.

Sunday, Dorn concluded his third official trip – UNC.

“We’ll see [were UNC stands] when I weigh all my options and list the pros and cons,” Dorn said. “But, they’re up there pretty good.”

Previously, Dorn traveled to NC State and West Virginia for official trips. He’s scheduled to officially visit Ohio State this coming weekend.

Dorn hasn’t determined if he’ll take a fifth official visit. But, there’s a very strong possibility that he will conclude his recruitment with just four.

“When we went up to Clemson [a week ago], we treated it like an official as far as the schedule,” Dorn said.

Since both of his parents graduate from UNC, it was challenging for the Tar Heels’ staff to plan an official trip that included much Dorn hadn’t experience several times. 

“I got to see the dorms – that’s only really the new thing I got to do,” Dorn said. “That and I got to hang out with some of the guys. But, that’s it.”

The guy – or UNC player – Dorn spent the most time with was J.K. Britt. Britt, a freshman safety, served as Dorn’s player host.

“He was a good guy – good people,” Dorn said. “He had some of the same offers coming out [as I did] and he said going to Carolina was a great decision for him – he didn’t regret it. He didn’t say anything bad about the coaches – he said they are true to what they do.”

Dorn was one of five official visitors UNC hosted this past weekend. But, none of those visitors parents have as much familiarity with the school as Dorn’s.

“They already knew everything, so it wasn’t too much questions to be asked about the landscape and where everything was,” Dorn said. “It was just me getting down and seeing more about the football aspect. They didn’t have to see too much about the academics and how the students live because they know all about it.”

Since seeing more of the football side of UNC was key, much of Dorn’s stay revolved around the Tar Heels’ 59-21 thrashing of Coastal Division rival Miami. It was the latest in a long line of games he has witnessed in Kenan Stadium.

“[The atmosphere] was a little different [from other UNC games],” Dorn said. “It wasn’t like crazy, but they played good ball. So, it was good.”

More importantly, Dorn saw firsthand UNC’s 4-3 defense and evaluated how he’d fit within the scheme.

“I think I fit into the system well,” Dorn said. “With what they’re looking for within that position, I think I have all the attributes. So, I think it’s a pretty good fit.”

Dorn also believes he connects well with Charlton Warren, UNC’s secondary coach.

“He’s a good coach,” Dorn said. “He’s going to teach you, he’s going to coach you up, and he’s going to give you everything you need to be successful.”

Before heading back to Charlotte on Sunday, Dorn and his family met with Larry Fedora.

“He really just recapped everything – that’s all,” Dorn said. “I’m familiar with mostly everything, so there really wasn’t much new to talk about. We were just catching up and talking about me coming to campus and what it would be like.”

Dorn spent a great deal of time with every member of UNC’s staff this past weekend. But, if there was one coach who was around him the most it was Gunter Brewer, the Tar Heels’ Charlotte recruiter.

“Our relationship has been the same since he started recruiting me,” Dorn said. “He’s a good person and he gets involved in your family.”

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