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QB Logan Byrd Works WR Divine Deablo

Early enrollee takes his UNC official visit.

Not many recruits can relate to what Divine Deablo is going through. One of the few officially visited North Carolina with him over the weekend – UNC pledge Logan Byrd.

“I definitely talked to Divine,” Byrd said. “Him and I, we got along really well. He’s not much of a talker, but we talked about where he stands. Technically he’s committed to Virginia Tech, but he told me it’s between UNC and Virginia Tech right now.

“And me being formerly committed to Virginia Tech, I kind of gave him both sides of the story in my opinion. And obviously, I’m a little biased because I want him to come on over to UNC. But I wanted to give him my spiel and hopefully he’ll make the right decision and come to UNC.

“I think as the weekend progressed, [Deablo] got more comfortable around me and around the other guys who were committed. And I think he had a really great time.”

Before pledging to UNC in early April, Byrd, a 6-foot-2, 240-pound quarterback from Kathleen (Ga.) Veterans, spent seven months on Virginia Tech’s commitment list. Deablo committed to the Hokies in July, but decided to explore his options when Frank Beamer announced his recruitment.

Before this past weekend, Byrd and Deablo have had limited communication. That will change.

“I’m going to hit him up and see where it goes,” Byrd said.

Byrd wasn’t exclusively a recruiter this weekend. He actually was able to enjoy his UNC official visit.

In addition to his parents, Byrd was accompanied by a couple of his cousins, who happen to be Miami fans. UNC made quick work of the Hurricanes on Saturday afternoon.

“Obviously [the game] didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to turn out,” Byrd laughed. “But, it was good for them to go and see campus. And I actually haven’t toured the campus in a couple years, so it was good to get familiar with it all again and see places I haven’t seen yet, like I actually hadn’t seen the Old Well until this past weekend. That was really cool.”

Another highlight of the weekend was a lunch session with a group of professors representing different majors.

“That was really cool to get to talk to some of the professors and get a little insight on what I need to do and what classes I need to take,” Byrd said. “I don’t exactly know what major I want to do, yet. But, probably something like biology because I do want to go into the medical field and hopefully get into med school.”

Fellow quarterback Caleb Henderson hosted Byrd throughout his stay. Henderson has entertained Byrd during prior campus visits.

“We have a really good relationship,” Byrd said. “Going into college where you’re seven hours away from home and he’s an out-of-state guy too, he knows how I’m going to be feeling. He’s just a great guy to be around.”

The irony of Henderson’s hospitality is he’ll be in direct competition with Byrd for playing time when the latter enrolls in a couple of months.

“It’s going to be real competitive and that’s the way Coach Heck [Keith Heckendorf] wants it,” Byrd said. “Competition breeds success. I’m looking forward to competing with [Henderson].”

UNC’s starting quarterback, Marquise Williams, graduates after this season leaving backup Mitch Trubisky, Henderson, Nathan Elliott, Byrd, and fellow including freshman Chazz Surratt in the QB room.

“They told me that I’ll go into Blue Dawn and spring [practice] with Mitch as the starter,” Byrd said. “But, they want me to come in with the mindset that I’m going to compete. I’m going to have the mindset to come in and beat everybody out, which will only push everybody to the next level.”

Before ending his official visit on Sunday afternoon, Logan and his family met with Larry Fedora.

“One of the big things that he was talking about was, ‘Logan, this is your tenth time visiting here and I told you from Day One that we were not going to change,’” Byrd said. “When my family and I look back at it, we can say ‘He’s right.’ They have been consistently the same in the way that they’ve treated me and felt about me. Everybody is friendly. That really spoke volumes to me and my family.

“My mom is definitely happy about that one. She told Coach Fedora that she is fully comfortable with passing me on to him, which is good to hear from her.”

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