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UNC-UNI: Roy Williams Postgame

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa -- Read and listen to Roy Williams's comments after his No. 1-ranked Tar Heels lost at Northern Iowa on Saturday.

Opening Statement:
“Alright, I just want to congratulate them. I told (Northern Iowa head coach) Ben Jacobson I felt very happy for him and his squad, and I’m very disappointed in me more so than my team. We acted like a team that had not been coached very well out there. We’ve got a sizeable lead, I don’t watch the scoreboard a lot, and they made three straight threes, and we come down and take bad shots or turn it over, and that gave them hope, and then they started making more shots, we run a trap one play and don’t get the guy covered, he makes the shot, then we come down and shoot an airball. The head coach at North Carolina has got to do a better job than he did today. I do think that they made some shots, and that one possession that Bohannon made one, and we came down and almost shot an airball at the top of the key. If you want to win in basketball, you’ve got to be able to make plays. We turned it over twice dribbling the ball down the court. We turned it over twice throwing the ball, and the guy guarding the man that was passing stole the ball twice in a row, so we made a lot of mistakes, we didn’t get what we wanted by any means, and hopefully it’ll be something really helpful for Jacobson’s program and hopefully we’ll learn something about finishing games like that.”

What were your thoughts on the play of Wes Washpun?
“I thought he was pretty doggone good to start with, but the head coach of North Carolina has done a terrible job of working on the defense on the screen on the ball, because we couldn’t get a stop. We’ve got to do a better job than that, but I thought a couple of times we just didn’t react, and that’s something the head coach is responsible for.”

Was experience against this kind of atmosphere a positive?
“It was a great crowd, great experience, we’re sad Marcus (Paige) wasn’t able to play, that was the reason for coming here. If you told me he was gonna break his hand and wasn’t gonna be able to play, I wouldn’t have scheduled the game. That’s using as an excuse. Today, Northern Iowa beat North Carolina. It didn’t have anything else to do with that. You know, we had Sean May go back to play in Bloomington against Indiana, we had Tyler Hansbrough go to St. Louis and play a little bit away from Poplar Bluff, we had Tyler Zeller go to Evansville, Indiana to play, and we’ve played a lot better than we did today, and at the same time, I have to go back to (Jacobson)’s club and give them credit for making those shots.”

What did Northern Iowa do to take away inside play?
“Well, they did a better job of stopping us from getting it, and we did a poorer job of trying to post up and getting the ball. They doubled more effectively, one time we got it to (Kennedy Meeks), and I just thought he was going to go up, and he went to the other side and tried to make it more difficult and missed the shot, but it’s my job to get him to do the right thing.”

What are the expectations for the rest of this season for your team?
“Son, I’m worried about whether I’m gonna go and jump off the top of a building or something, I don’t have any frickin’ idea about the rest of the season. We’re gonna practice tomorrow, we’re gonna bust our ass and try to get better.”

Do you feel like guard play could have been better today?
“In the second half, they had zero turnovers and we had eight. So we’ve gotta do a better job of handling the basketball.”

Brice Johnson and Justin Jackson hit from mid-range pretty consistently, your thoughts on that?
“Well they shouldn’t be shooting mid-range jumpers if you’re Brice, I mean he’s 6-11, we’ve got to get the ball closer to the basket so he’s got do a better job of preparing, and getting into position. We’ve got to get him down there. Second half, we had six points on offensive rebounds and they had six points on offensive rebounds (at halftime), I don’t remember scoring a single point in the second half on offensive rebounds. We’ve got to do a better job of getting the boards.”

How did the new five seconds closely guarded rule affect this game?
“Well it sounds like sour grapes right now, but you go back and check and I’ve been against that rule change. It’s the only one. I don’t like getting basketball to where one guy dominates the ball, I think it’s supposed to be a team game, so I was really surprised when that rule was put in, but it is what it is, and that’s the way we’ve got to play, we’ve got to do the same thing, it’s the same for everybody, but I think it tried to promote team play, and promote a more fluid game, and I think that takes away from that part. But again, that sounds like sour grapes today.”

How much did you miss Marcus Paige today?
“He’s our best player offensively and defensively, and as fine a young man as I’ve ever been around in my life, so I’d like to have him on the court. But North Carolina still plays.”

(Matt Condon contributed to this report.)

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