Football Recruting Updates

Northern Durham's James Adams commits to Wake Forest, Updates on Aaron Kirkland, Thomas Clayton, and Marcus Hamilton.

James Adams

Height: 6-2
Weight: 19
Speed: 4.4
Tackles: 70
Ints: 7

James told Inside Carolina that he has joined teammate Josh Gattis and has committed to Wake Forest University. The new coaching staff at Wake is doing a great job promoting their school. Inside Carolina asked James if A. J. Davis had also committed to Wake. James responded that he did not think so. We wish James and Josh well at Wake Forest.

Aaron Kirkland

Age: 18
Height: 6-5
Weight: 250
40-time: 4.8
BP: 330
Catches: 8 for 110 yards
Tackles: 76
Sacks: 7

Current Favorites: UNC, TN, Mich, PSU (order mentioned)

Aaron had a good night against Terry Sanford with three sacks. He has decided (at least for now) to postpone his decision until sometime after the season (probably December).

Thomas Clayton

Age: 17
Height: 5-11 ½
Weight: 199
40-time: 4.32
BP: 315
Yards: 1848
Carries: 245
Rushing TDs: 15
KR TDs: 4

Current Favorites: UNC, PSU, ND, Neb, FSU

Tom Clayton's team lost their first game 20-0. Tom had 25 carries for approximately 150 yds. Tom said he will try and visit ND this month and will visit Carolina in December. Tom was at the UNC/MD. When asked about what he thought of the game, Tom said he thought it was a good game but did not elaborate. Next up for Mt. Vernon is T. C. Williams (Remember the Titans).

Marcus Hamilton

Height: 6-1
Weight: 175
40-time: 4.5
Tackles: 41
Ints: 2

Current favorites: UGa, Va, Syr, NCST.(Fighting for the fifth visit Mich. ST., UNC, and Pitt).

Recruiting the hardest: Virginia

Official visits: He will set them up in October. Marcus plans on taking one visit in October.

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