Myles Dorn: 'Carolina Was The One'

CHARLOTTE, N.C. --- Myles Dorn sat down with Inside Carolina to discuss his decision moments after announcing his commitment to UNC on Friday night. Check out the interview and photos from the announcement.

How do you feel?
I’m feeling good, ready to get up there (to UNC).

Take me through the process of making the decision and the visits.
It wasn’t an easy one, I can tell you that. It really wasn’t easy. It was a tough decision because of the different schools that I had - it was some pretty good schools out there. I feel like I couldn’t make a bad decision, but Carolina had more for me there.

What role did your family connections to North Carolina play into your decision?
They played none at all. I excluded that as a factor and just had to make my decision for me - and it just so happened Carolina was the one.

What about your brother, who plays basketball for UNC’s rival, N.C. State?
Me and my brother are close, so I don’t think I could have gone too far, but if it wasn’t the same school then it had to be somewhere close. I’ll always be a N.C. State basketball fan as long as he’s there, but when it comes to football, it’s Carolina.

What was this week like - what did you do to get to the final decision?
This week was just a whole lot of evaluating. Yesterday I was getting all my thoughts together from all the officials and all the recruiting. This week was more narrowing things down and coming to a decision.

You were at five finalists some weeks ago, did you narrow it down further?
Yeah, I narrowed it down to three - N.C. State, Carolina and Clemson. Those were the three that I really focused on the most.

What was it ultimately that they did that won you over?
I went to a (UNC) camp in 10th grade and I didn’t get offered, so I’m not going to lie I was pretty bitter about it. I was trying to find a reason for me not to go to Carolina, but the more I went there I couldn’t really find one.

You took an official visit to Carolina a few weeks ago. What role did that play in this decision?
The official helped a lot, it really did. It showed me how I’d fit in with the scheme. The defensive scheme is what stood out the most while I was there.

Coach Brewer has been recruiting you for UNC from the get-go. What’s your relationship like with him?
We’re really close, he’s been here for a long time. He doesn’t talk to me like a recruiter.

When did you actually make your decision?
I made it yesterday.

So you waited until the 11th hour - was it getting stressful?
No, it wasn’t stressful at all. I had to put my phone on mute a few times, but other than that it was fine.

Were you worried you might not be able to decide in time for this announcement date?
No, I knew I’d have a decision. Originally I was going to decide before the season, so it was past due. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time now.

While you made your decision yesterday, was there any point that North Carolina became your leader?
After I came back from Ohio State, I really started to weigh my options. I wouldn’t say (the Tar Heels) were my leader, but they were in my top two or three. … Don’t get me wrong, (Ohio State) is a great atmosphere, great facilities, it’s a great place to go. But being eight hours away, I felt like I wouldn’t go that far.

You’re going to be enrolling in a month at UNC, what’s going through your mind?
I’m anxious, I’m ready to go.

What have the UNC coaches told you about getting on the field, where they see you fitting in initially?
I’ll probably play the safety position - the strong safety.

How do you feel like you’ll fit in at safety in UNC’s scheme?
To play safety, you’ve got to be a smart player and you have to know football, so I like that part of it. You’re going to learn football.

Did you talk to any UNC commitments during this process?
I talked to Marlon Dunlap a few days ago, and that’s really it. I didn’t talk to anybody about recruiting like that … He just wanted me to do what’s best for me…

And the idea to announce your decision by throwing shirts into the crowd - where’d it come from?
My mom made that up, so she gets all the credit for that … At first I thought it was different, and a little over the top, but the more I thought about it the more I thought it’d be cool so we went with it.

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