UNC HC Roy Williams Postgame: 'Workmanlike' Win

UNC's head coach addressed the media following his team's 98-65 victory over Davidson on Sunday.

Opening Statement:

“That was a nice, workman-like effort, no question about that. Davidson is a team that can really shoot the basketball, and they missed several shots early that they’d normally make. Perhaps they made them stress a little bit more. They shot 24% in the first half.

"I just watched the tape of their Charlotte game and they made everything. They made over 50 percent from three. (Jack) Gibbs in that game made his first 14 shots. I think our defense had a little to do with it, but I also think they missed shots they normally make, and I do think, over the course of the whole first half, that bothered them a lot.

"In the second half, they started out making a lot more shots. I was not pleased with what we were doing defensively. It was a tie game in the second half, we ended up outscoring them by 10, but I like out balance. We’ve got five guys in double-figures. We’ve got 10 guys in double-figures minutes. 

"The big guys, if you include Justin Jackson with Brice (Johnson), Kennedy (Meeks) and Joel (James), they had 13 of our 15 turnovers. We’ve got to stop turning it over. We’ve got to set legal screens, we work all of the time about not leading with your shoulder when you’re turning to make it. So we had three offensive fouls, can’t turn the basketball over like that. The big guys can’t do that. 

"Rebounding, I thought was something. Kennedy had seven rebounds in the first 10 minutes of the game and ended up with nine. I thought it was a total team effort for us. We’ve got a lot of things from a lot of people, no question. Nate (Britt) acted like the microwave out there for a while, coming in and giving a lift in the first half.”

Nine different guys had assists, three of them had four assists. Was that the kind of ball movement that you like to see?

“Yeah, and we’re a good passing team. 21-to-15 on assist-to-error ratio and you take Kennedy had two charging fouls, Brice a charging foul and offensive foul and the illegal screen, Joel had an illegal screen, so that’s a bunch of your turnovers right there. So it could be a better with that part of it, but it’s really a great game assist-to-error-ratio-wise. 

"In stretches we were active defensively. Not as active as the other night against Maryland, but at times we did some good things. We have to be alert to teams that can shoot the ball as well as they did."

It seems like Nate Britt has handled his fewer minutes well. Is that the case?

“He really has. He had started out the first three or four games, I thought he was sensational, and then he had a couple of games where he didn’t play as well, and then the last two games I’d thought he really played well. It’s always my objective when I put a guy in the game for him to help the team, give us something positive. There’s no question I thought Nate did that. We’d been getting that from Isaiah (Hicks) and a couple other guys, too. We didn’t get as much from Isaiah today, but we certainly got it from Nate.”

What has improved the most about Nate Britt’s game since last season?

“Last year is the first year we changed him over from the left hand to the right hand. I think if you ask anyone on our team, the two guys that worked the hardest on their shot in the offseason were Joel Berry and Nate Britt, and it shows up during the season. But I thin khis assist-error ratio, 1-0 today, his assist-error ratio is better than it was last year, too. Nate and Joel (Berry) and Marcus, all three, by being able to rotate those guys, we have someone fresh that can pressure the ball out there on the court a little bit and I think that helps us too."

Jack Gibbs made his first 14 shots against Charlotte. What did you want to do against him?

“Guard him. You look at the stats, and I talked to (Davidson head coach) Bob (McKillop) about this because I don’t try to coach their team, but he hadn’t shot it extremely well the whole year, except that game. He was 6-for-7 that game, and I think before that he was 6-for-25 from the 3-point line. He was an emphasis for us, there’s no question, because if a guy makes 14 in a row, you better emphasize him. But again, I think everybody did a better job on the ball, we didn’t have to help as much, so that leaves guys open for 3-point shots. But Gibbs and (Brian) Sullivan and Peyton Aldridge, that’s three guys who have made six threes either in the game against us or the game before us. I think Brian and Peyton in the last couple of years made five or six in a game against us. So they’ve got some big-time shooters, and fortunately for us, today they were 8-for-31."


How impressed were you with Nate Britt’s efficiency?

“He’s been doing that for us. If you look at it, he’s done a nice job for us, he can shoot the basketball, and guys who can shoot should shoot. Guys who can’t, shouldn’t. He’s doing a nice job for us, but not just his shooting. I think defensively, he’s graded out better this year. Not that he was bad last year, but he’s graded out better. His assist-to-error ratio is better. We like a guy coming off the bench that can add something.”

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