Bunting wants to see support from the fans

UNC head football coach John Bunting is not one to mince words. Maybe it's the NFL background, but he gets right to the point. He gives both compliments and criticisms where they are due. This week he's wants the fans to step up to the challenge just like the players.

"After the game I spoke with the team about growing up," explained Bunting on Sunday afternoon, regarding his Texas post-game address to the team. "We are young in many places, but to lose to the fine football that we played in the manner we did because of the emphasis placed on special teams throughout the spring and throughout training camp [was disappointing]. We totally broke down in that area, and it really cost us field position, it cost us at least 14 points—and maybe 17 points—of offense against us by Texas.

"Obviously, offensively we struggled at times," continued Buntind, "but we also did some fine things on offense at times. We continue, for the most part, to play very, very good defense. They had one drive on us of any consequence, and that's saying something when their quarterback goes 17-35, with all those great receivers. He's supposed to be a big-league quarterback—and he is—so I think our guys did a pretty good job of matching up with him."

Nevertheless, the Tar Heel football team failed to put a notch in the win column for the third consecutive Saturday—in the third consecutive road game. This Saturday (9/15) the team will play its home opener of the 2001 season at 1:30 p.m. against Southern Methodist University in Kenan Stadium.

With a young team at 0-3, head coach John Bunting wants to kick off a new tradition—a walk to Kenan Stadium from The Old Well down through Polk Place. And he wants to see some support from the fans.

"We will arrive at the Old Well approximately 2:15 prior to the kick-off," remarked Bunting. "I'm hopeful that two and a half hours ahead of time there are a whole bunch of folks waiting for the bus to arrive at the Old Well to welcome these kids back home."

The fans expect an all-out effort from the players and coaches, and John Bunting expects the same from the fans on game day in regards to their support for the team. The first chance for the fans to do so is this Saturday at approximately 11:00 a.m. when the team makes its first walk from The Old Well to Kenan Stadium.

"What I want to see this Saturday when we take the bus in and drop the players off at The Old Well is I want to see a whole bunch of Carolina fans as we walk through the quad," said Bunting. "It's one of my favorite places on campus. It's a new tradition we want to start, and we want to walk down through all those fans to the great stadium of ours and see a full house of people that are pulling for Carolina and pulling for this program."

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