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2017 Commitments

2016-17 HS Stats and Schedule

2015-16 HS Stats and Schedule

AAU Team: Team Felton (Under Armour)

AAU Stats (2016): 16 G, 20ppg, 3rpg, 5apg, 4topg, 2spg, 55% FG, 85% FT, 33% 3FG

AAU Stats (2015): 12 G, 10ppg, 4rpg, 3apg, 53% FG, 77% FT, 29% 3FG

Rankings History: Trending Even (Most Recent: 6, 14, 22, 25, 27, 28)

Key Dates: Offered 11/14/14, Committed 12/30/14



Felton’s explosive scoring ability has made him one of the marquee players in the 2017 class. He’s tremendously creative as a ballhander and shot-creator, able to knock in threes, bury mid-range jumpers on the move or score above the rim. He’s also one of the most gifted passers in the country and simply needs to get stronger and improve his decision-making to take the next step.

More Highlights


Nephew of former Tar Heel star and long-time NBA veteran Raymond Felton

Committed initially in Dec. 2014, then reaffirmed nine months later.

Played three years at Mullins (S.C.) High


9/10/16: Roy Williams visited Felton yesterday at his new school, Gray Collegiate, where potential 2019 target Juwan Gary also competes.

2016-17 HS Stats and Schedule

AAU Team: Albany City Rocks (Nike)

AAU Stats (2016): 19 G, 12ppg, 4rpg, 2spg, 45% FG, 78% FT, 39% 3FG

AAU Stats (2015): 23 G, 13ppg, 4rpg, 38% FG, 78% FT, 31% 3FG

Rankings History: Trending Even (Most Recent: UR, UR, UR, UR)

Key Dates: Offered 4/27/16, Committed 7/18/16



Platek has established himself as one of the very best three-point shooters in the 2017 class. Albeit not a great athlete capable of creating one-on-one, he projects as a designated long-range ace who can stretch defenses and provide four years of perimeter marksmanship. He's also a canny defender and playmaker who contributes in other areas as well.


Very high academics, held offers and interest from Stanford and Ivy League programs

Hails originally from Upstate New York

First attracted interest from Roy Williams at the 2015 Peach Jam


9/21/16: Platek has returned from ankle injury and appears set for his senior season.

2016-17 HS Stats and Schedule

AAU Team: Team Loaded NC (Adidas)

AAU Stats (2016): 7 G, 9ppg, 6rpg, 61% FG, 64% FT

Rankings History: Trending Up Even (Most Recent: UR, UR, UR, UR)

Key Dates: Offered 9/1/16 , Committed 9/26/16


Initially a pure defender who brought little to the court in terms of offense, Huffman has improved markedly in all facets of his game. He still likely will need several years to develop into a reliable scorer, but he possesses good mobility, a very solid frame and the attitude to try to dunk everything at the rim.


Grew up the son of a military father and began his high school career in Alaska

Teamed with 2018 UNC commit Rechon Black on the 2016 travel circuit and drew numerous viewings from Roy Williams

Obtained easily more than a dozen major conference offers


9/26/16: Three weeks after receiving the offer, Huffman met again with Roy Williams, this time to make his commitment.

2016-17 HS Stats and Schedule

AAU Team: Indiana Elite (Adidas)

AAU Stats (2016): Injured

Rankings History: Trending Even (Most Recent: NR, NR, NR, NR)

Key Dates: Offered 9/26/16, Official Visit 10/15/16, Committed 10/16/16



Manley is something of a mystery man to national scouts. The big man had demonstrated real potential his junior season, but a severely broken leg — he had to be stretchered out of the gym — ended his hopes of impressing on the 2016 travel circuit. Once again healthy and ready for his senior year, Manley has drawn a surge of major recruiting interest.


Piqued the curiosity of the UNC coaching staff after they received a tip from the UNC women’s program

Played for the same AAU program that produced former Tar Heel Tyler Zeller

Also held offers from Pittsburgh (where his father is from), Xavier, West Virginia, Purdue, Nebraska and others


10/16/16: Sterling Manley visited Chapel Hill officially this weekend and issued a commitment to the Tar Heels. Frontcourt depth has risen considerably in the past few weeks, as both Manley and Brandon Huffman have announced for UNC.

2017 Priority Targets

AAU Team: E1T1 (Nike)

AAU Stats (2016): 21 G, 19ppg, 8rpg, 50% FG, 71% FT, 28% 3FG

AAU Stats (2015): 23 G, 9ppg, 5rpg, 55% FG, 69% FT, 3-10 3FG

Rankings History: Trending Even (Most Recent: 10, 6, 6, 7)

Key Dates: Offered 12/5/15



Following in a long tradition of Roy Williams-pursued forwards, Knox is a tremendously mobile and springy athlete who fills a variety of roles as an athlete, scorer and defender. He played up in age during the 2015 travel season and impressed with his maturity and confidence. Knox continues to improve offensively and will be one to watch very closely going forward.


Teamed with 2016 signee Tony Bradley during the 2015 travel season

His father, also named Kevin, was a wide receiver for FSU in the mid-90s

Also obtained offers from FSU, Duke, Florida, Maryland and many others


9/24/16: Knox will take his official visit to UNC the weekend of Feb. 4-6. That trip will be his final of four visits. He also is now down to those four schools: UNC, Duke, Florida State and Kentucky. He recently cut Kansas from his list and also hosted Roy Williams for an in-home visit.

AAU Team: Houston Hoops (Nike)

AAU Stats (2016): 16 G, 14ppg, 11rpg, 4apg, 4topg, 2spg, 48% FG, 39% FT, 19% 3FG (4-21)

AAU Stats (2015): 19 G, 15ppg, 11rpg, 2spg, 48% FG, 46% FT, 11% 3FG (3-28)

AAU Stats (2014): 15 G, 8ppg, 5rpg, 50% FG, 54% FT

Rankings History: Trending Down Slightly (Most Recent: 7, 13, 15)

Key Dates: Offered 8/12/16, Official Visit 10/15/16.



Versatility defines the game of this self-described point forward. While Vanderbilt has a long way to go as a perimeter scorer, he’s a tremendous rebounder as a hybrid forward and also a gifted handler and passer. A left-hander, he’s also a fantastic athlete and makes numerous plays on the defensive end as well.


Battle-tested competitor is the rare player to spend three years on the 17-under circuit

Played for same travel team program as Tar Heel forward Justin Jackson

Will be the fifth member of his immediate family to play college basketball, including both parents


9/17/16: Vanderbilt visited UNC officially the weekend of Oct. 14 for the Tar Heels' late night festivities.

Former UNC Targets

Mohamed Bamba (No. 2)

Wendell Carter (No. 4) — Duke

P.J. Washington (No. 14) — Kentucky

Kris Wilkes (No. 17) — UCLA

Jeremiah Tilmon (No. 19) — Illinois

Nick Weatherspoon (No. 26) — Mississippi State

Brandon Randolph (No. 38)— Arizona

Garrison Brooks (NR) — Mississippi State

Isaiah Stokes (NR) — Florida

2018 Commitments

2016-17 HS Stats and Schedule

2015-16 HS Stats and Schedule

AAU Team: Team Loaded (Adidas)

AAU Stats (2016): 13 G, 9ppg, 5rpg, 3apg, 41% FG, 71% FT, 38% 3FG

Rankings History: Trending Down Slightly (Most Recent: UR, 28, 31, 56, 57)

Key Dates: Offered 12/10/15, Committed 1/15/16



Within the 2018 class, very few prospects can match Black in terms of size-skill ratio. Black is a jumbo combo guard at 6-7 who possesses excellent dribbling and passing skills at that size. He’s very thin and needs to improve as a scorer, but he has shown progress in all areas and is becoming more athletic week by week. He's certainly one of the state's best prospects in any class.


Grew three inches over several months during the 2015 spring

His mother, Carla, is the principal at Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early College High School

Changed from CP3 (Nike) to Team Loaded for the 2016 travel season


9/10/16: Black is taking his game to Montverde Academy in Florida this year to learn under hard-driving taskmaster Kevin Boyle, and so far he's adjusting well.

2016-17 HS Stats and Schedule

AAU Team: CP3 (Nike)

Rankings History: Trending Even (Most Recent: UR, UR, UR, UR, 68)

Key Dates: Offered 7/25/16, Committed 7/28/16



Few players on the 16-under circuit impressed as much as Coby White in terms of scoring. A slender guard with a slightly herky-jerky game, White unleashes long bombs to stretch defenses and changes speeds with his dribble to create driving opportunities. He’s also a fine handler and passer with a solid frame to build upon for the college level.


Averaged 28 points, eight rebounds and seven assists per game as a sophomore

Has grown four inches since his freshman year

Became UNC’s fourth in-state offer to a 2018 prospect and teams with offered 2019 wing Wendell Moore for CP3


10/31/16: White will be watched closely by fans and local scouts as he prepares for his junior season.

2018 Priority Targets

AAU Team: Game Elite (Adidas)

AAU Stats (2016): 8 G, 19ppg, 9rpg, 73% FG, 65% FT

Rankings History: Trending Up Significantly (Most Recent: UR, UR, 15, 4, 2)

Key Dates: Offered 7/25/16



Williamson has emerged as a sensation in the 2018 class. Despite having a thicker frame and a slight waddle to his gait, he’s actually quite explosive as an interior finisher and rebounder. The southpaw also scores through traffic thanks to his strength and soft touch. Moreover, his nimble feet on drives set him apart from other hybrid forwards.


Won co-MVP award as a rising junior — and 15-year-old — at the 2016 NBPA Top 100 Camp

Averaged 28 points, 10 rebounds and four blocks per game as a sophomore at Spartanburg

Became UNC’s fifth offer to a 2018 prospect and first from outside N.C.


11/5/16: Williamson remains a top, top priority for the Carolina coaching staff, and he visited Chapel Hill unofficially for UNC's season-opening exhibition contest versus UNC-Pembroke.

AAU Team: Eric Gordon All-Stars (Adidas)

AAU Stats (2016): 11 G, 21ppg, 8rpg, 56% FG, 76% FT, 31% 3FG

Rankings History: Trending Even (Most Recent: 24, 4, 3, 2, 3)

Key Dates: Offered 8/9/16



Langford entered the 2016 travel season considered a top-five national prospect and emerged as one as well. He’s a fantastic scorer who shoots accurately, drives with top-shelf body control, handles, passes and just generally knows how to play. He projects as a potential freshman impact player and likely one and done NBA draft entrant.


Led New Albany to 4A state championship as a sophomore, averaging over 30 points per game

His father, Tim, hails originally from Georgia

Also has picked up offers from Kentucky, Duke and Kansas


9/24/16: Roy Williams stopped by Langford's school to watch Langford during the fall period, and Langford discussed the details of that visit.

AAU Team: Team Loaded (Adidas)

AAU Stats (2016): 13 G, 11ppg, 4rpg, 43% FG, 49% FT, 35% 3FG

Rankings History: Trending Down Slightly (Most Recent: UR, 29, 30, 31, 40)

Key Dates: Offered 1/30/16



Hamilton is a powerhouse swingman who loves to utilize his strong shoulders to bull his way to the basket. He also handles and passes very well for the wing and elevates nicely on his jump shot, although that's an area he'll need to become more consistent. Overall, his ability to contribute in multiple areas — and his energetic, competitive style — have endeared him both to regional and national observers.


Outstanding student with nearly a 4.0 GPA

His father, now a pastor, played for DePaul

Has the height and body type of a young Harrison Barnes


7/11/16: Steady production is what Hamilton brings to the court, and although he hasn't had a huge year, he has made progress. Free throws remain problematic, but he has enjoyed an uptick in three-point shooting and that bodes well for his junior season and beyond.

Other UNC Interest

Former UNC Offers

2019 Priority Targets

AAU Team: D1 Minnesota (Adidas)

AAU Stats (2016): 8 G, 13ppg, 7rpg, 48% FG, 78% FT, 32% 3FG

Rankings History: Trending Up Significantly (Most Recent: 8)

Key Dates: Offered 7/26/26



Hurt possesses excellent size and skills for a young player. He’s an outstanding jump shooter with easy three-point range, a coordinated ballhandler and a fine passer. Hurt also is highly mobile and frequently sprints ahead of defenders for dunks. As he gains strength, he should improve his defense and traffic finishing as well. He’s a big-time prospect in the 2019 class.


Younger brother of Minnesota freshman Michael Hurt

On pace to play three years against 17-under travel team competition

First caught Roy Williams’ eye in April, 2016


9/21/16: Roy Williams stopped by this week to observe Hurt during the fall period.

AAU Team: CP3 (Nike)

Key Dates: Offered 2/20/16



Albeit only a sophomore, Moore quickly has established himself as one of the top prospects within North Carolina. Blessed with athleticism, skill, intelligence and the body type to mature into a powerhouse, it's no surprise he has become a top priority for the Tar Heels.


One of Roy Williams' earliest ever offers to UNC

Will graduate from high school at 17-years-old

Plays for the same travel team that produced Reggie Bullock and Theo Pinson


10/31/16: After a disappointing summer, Moore recently impressed at USA Basketball thanks to a more athletic and aggressive style.

Other UNC Interest


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