UNC's Gene Chizik on Baylor Prep, UNC Job

UNC defensive coordinator Gene Chizik addressed the media Thursday night following practice.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- UNC's Russell Athletic Bowl matchup against Baylor is less than two weeks away. The Tar Heels will face a Baylor offense that averages over 600 yards per game. Defensive coordinator Gene Chizik talked about the similarities between UNC's offense and Baylor’s offense as well as the benefits of going up against a quick-tempo offense in practice everyday. 

How similar is Baylor’s offense to UNC’s?

Very similar in terms of tempo. A little different style, some things are similar. Really similar in terms of trying to run the ball and making that a priority to set up some of the pass game. Big time receivers, so a lot of similarities in the speed element, them willing to take shots down the field to these guys. They’ve really done a great job all year on capitalizing on explosive plays. So in those regards very similar. 

Is it an asset to be here with an offense in your backyard that you go up against every day when you’re preparing for tempo?

Absolutely it definitely helps. The tempo definitely helps, being around tempo. The tempo helps and obviously we spread the field out there’s no question about it and that’s part of our deal too. Maybe not to the degree they do all the time but they do it pretty regularly. 

In these bowl preparation practices, other than preparing for the opponent, what do you like to do to get other guys more reps, get backup players more time? What’s the strategy there in these practices?

I think Coach Fedora’s done a good job of at the end of practice getting young guys reps, and letting us watch them and evaluate them and giving them good valuable reps, even the redshirt guys for getting them prepared for the spring. But we typically do that after we’ve done the work and the preparation for Baylor. So, it’s a little bit of both we’ll do the Baylor work and then the younger guys and even some of the guys that will play against Baylor get some valuable reps doing that as well. 

Your name was mentioned in rumors online about other opportunities. Is there any interest there?

Rumors, rumors, rumors. I don’t really like to discuss any of that. I’m very happy here and it’s been a great ride I want to finish everything out here. And I don’t discuss all those different opportunities that have presented themselves for myself. 

The fact that you are here though probably shows your commitment and the fact that you are happy. 

I’m very happy. I’m very happy, I love coaching these guys, I love working with Larry, I love working with this staff. Yes, I’m extremely happy. 

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