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UNC-UCLA: Roy Williams Postgame

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- Read and listen to UNC head coach Roy Williams's press conference following the win over UCLA.

Opening comments:
“Really small locker room. I could care less. It could be the size of a phone booth right now because the last 26, 27 minutes of the game, I thought we were pretty doggone good. The first 12 or 13 minutes, I didn't think we were very good at all. The youngster Hamilton, I think, makes four threes in the first seven or eight minutes of the game. We talk about trying to do a better job of covering the three. We got to do a better job of it during the game as well.

“Brice and Joel, Marcus, Isaiah, Justin, all the guys that got in there and did a nice job. We went small a little while because of our foul trouble and played Theo at the four, and I think that helped us a little bit as well. Foul problems for both teams weren't very good, and I think we both would like to stay out of foul trouble more than we did today. Second half, again, I thought defense -- the second half and the last six or seven minutes of the first half, I thought we were really good.”

Why did Brice Johnson sit for so long in the first half?
“Coach got mad at him, took him out. I had my reasons. Period. The end. It’s not a story.”

You were talking about Brice and his energy level. How much of just finding a consistent motor, not just for him but for the entire team is the solution for this team going forward?
“I think I get on Brice and Kennedy more than anything else, there's no question about that, because of their energy level. I think the rest of the guys do a pretty good job of getting it up pretty high. Brice and Kennedy do it at moments. I'm definitely not telling you guys anything that I haven't told them. But they've got to get it up there.

“When Brice shows some effort and gets across the lane and draws outside the lane and gets a charge or deflects a shot, the rest of the defense gets so much better because he has the ability to block some shots. Kennedy has the ability to do some things as well.

“So those two are the main ones, and yet I do think that Brice's energy level was so much better in the second half. I almost hugged him and kissed him one time, but then I realized who it was. You've got to do that on a more consistent basis, and if we can get that out of them, I feel pretty doggone good about Joel and Nate and Justin and Marcus with that intensity level, getting it up there. Those two guys are so important to us. They need to get it up there as well.”

What did you see in the second half in terms of offense, in particular, when things went really well for you all? Is there anything in particular that stands out?
“Shooting 61 percent. We got good shots. I can clap and sit down a lot quicker, but I think we attacked them. Don't know how many points we had on the break in the first half, but we had some in the second half as well. Most of the points off turnovers were in the first half. They had 11 in the first half and only 6 in the second half.

“Fast break points, we had 14. First half and second half, it was more secondary break kind of level. It wasn't pitch ahead and go down and dunk it. I thought Joel did a nice job of forcing the tempo. Nate did a nice job of forcing it sometimes turning a secondary break into a primary break by getting all the way to the basket.”

Did you know what it was that made Brice so mad?
“Nope. Didn’t care. Just didn’t like what he said.”

What did you like about your team today?
“I liked the way that we did get some turnovers out of our scramble stuff because we haven’t done that very much this year. We had some time to work on it this week. I liked the way we kept being aggressive offensively attacking. Rex Walters, who is the head coach now at San Francisco, is the best player I’ve ever had about turning secondary break into primary by attacking the basket. I thought we saw that Joel and Nate both did a better job of that in the second half. And then again, in the second half we didn’t do as many scrambles because early in the second half three out of four of their baskets were on offensive rebounds and so we tried to stay straight man-to-man and I thought we did a better job of that, too. So I did think we got some positive things out of it.”

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