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Q&A with UNC Signee Brandon Robinson

Brandon Robinson talks to Inside Carolina about his hot start to his senior season, life as a future Tar Heel, and much more in this one-on-one interview.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – UNC signee Brandon Robinson’s senior season is off to a simmering start.

In all but two of Douglas County (Ga.) High School’s games, Robinson has scored 26 or more points. He’s put in 30 or more points seven times.

This week Robinson is in Charlotte at the Hoodie's House of Hope High School Hoops Classic. Inside Carolina spoke with him at length about life as a UNC signee, his senior season and what’s next.

What’s it like having everyone come see you no matter where you go?

It’s a great feeling. I feel a lot of support when people come out to watch me play. I love it because of the attention, and it helps my teammates, too, with a chance for other schools to look at them .

How much did things change after you committed to Carolina?

It was crazy. Everywhere I went, somebody knew I was going to North Carolina. Even in Georgia, people know me as Brandon Robinson, North Carolina (commitment).

What’s the craziest thing to happen to you with fans since you’ve committed?

Somebody told me they watched my YouTube videos, they said ‘I saw that you’re going to North Carolina.’ Today, when we got to the hotel room, there was a guy with all North Carolina stuff on and (on the hotel’s computer) he was watching my highlights. It was kind of crazy.

What are the UNC coaches telling you about your role there next year?

They’re just looking for somebody to be able to shoot the ball, score and help contribute right away.

Do you consider yourself an unselfish player?

More than half of my life I grew up playing point guard and so I just transformed to the '2' guard. I just always know to find my teammates and get them involved, because once I get my teammates involved that helps me a lot so people can’t put so much attention on me.

Have you become more of a leader this season?

I feel this year that I have to speak up a lot more on this team. Our coaches challenged me to be a leader and help out my other teammates because I’ve been playing varsity for four years. I’m the most experienced guy on the team, so they needed me to be more vocal and help guys keep their confidence up.

Did making a college decision take some pressure off?

Oh yes, a lot of pressure. It just, I feel a lot at ease when I play. I don’t feel any pressure anymore; I just show up and play.

What kind of work have you put in on your shooting?

Just long hours in the gym. Just getting my mechanics back right, focusing and just staying confident in my shot. A lot of times I wasn’t confident in my shot and I was second guessing myself. Now I just shoot unconsciously and just think of every shot as a make. Even when I miss, I feel like I made it because (I have) to train my body to just say ‘keep on shooting.’

How do you think a tournament like this will help your team reach its goals?

These teams are about as good as the teams that we have to play in our region. Our first two games back, we play Atlanta (Ga.) Westlake and Mableton (Ga.) Pebblebrook. This is helping us prepare for the regional tournament and the state finals.

What was it that made you want to go to North Carolina?

Just the history of the basketball program. Just a great school and then I looked at (assistant) coach (Hubert) Davis as somebody that can help me with my game a lot, because he played in the league for a long time playing the same position as me. I feel like they can teach me a lot and then they had a lot of great two guards come through there. I feel like they can teach me and my game will continue to grow.

How often do you talk with Coach Williams and his staff?

I at least talk to them once a week. They always try to come out to my games and support me. Coach Davis came to one of my games, and Coach Williams comes to my games. Now, I just want to get a chance to go up there and watch a game sometime.

You’re good friends with 2016 UNC target Udoka Azubuike. What’s your read on him?

That’s my guy. I’m working hard trying to get him to come. But he’s a silent guy, he doesn’t give any hints. But I want him to play on the team with me because I know what he can bring to a team – a big and physical presence, it’s unbelievable.

Have you watched this year’s UNC team?

We have a great team. Each game, as I watch, we get better and better. And I feel like at the end of the year we should win the National Championship.

As you’re watching the games, are you able to see how you would fit in?

I’m watching Theo (Pinson) and Marcus (Paige) because they come off a lot of screens to get shots. I also like watching Theo too because I also feel like he kind of plays like me, getting his teammates involved. He’s a great passer, so I definitely pay attention to him and Justin Jackson.

Do you keep up with your fellow signees Tony Bradley and Seventh Woods?

Definitely. I talked to Tony and Seventh all the time. We’re just excited to get ready to come to Carolina.

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