Hall leaning toward staying in-state

A mammoth two-way player, Forest Hills (NC) defensive tackle Marque Hall is a dominant drive blocker or tackler. Teams from throughout the nation are visiting to see the big man, but two stand out.

"I am leaning towards North Carolina and NC State right now because they are the in-state schools," says the 6-foot-5, 305 pounder. "I am also pretty much looking at the entire ACC as well. I get to watch them, so I know about them more."

Hall has visited just North Carolina thus far, though he did get to pass by NC State's new facilities.

"I was up there for the track championships, and I got to see it from the road. That whole place is just big, and I like what they did with it. I also got to see UNC's at their camp. They have some great stuff as well."

The big man is not one to hurt anyone's feelings, and that is almost certain to carry over into recruiting. He does not want to say the wrong thing so that teams will stop recruiting him – a valuable trait, he says. Hall has not been able to narrow his teams to just a few or say no to a team recruiting him on offense or defense.

"That does not really matter to me. I just want to show up at a school, and I will prove to them that I can play, but the position does not matter."

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