Commitment Q&A: Rechon Black

Rechon “Leaky” Black has made the decision to attend UNC and play for Roy Williams. The talented in-state sophomore point guard and his father explained why he chose the Tar Heels.

Rechon "Leaky" Black's recruitment has essentially been over for more than a month. Though he announced his commitment to UNC on Friday, the Concord (N.C.) native had a feeling Carolina was the place for him since visiting Chapel Hill in early December.

Inside Carolina spoke with Leaky and his father, Rechon Black Sr., about his commitment to Roy Williams’s program.

What was it about North Carolina?

Leaky Black: How serious (Roy Williams) was, so early. I fit in with their playing style, so why not?

Rechon Black Sr: The biggest thing is, regardless of if Leaky never plays a minute at North Carolina, he’s going to get a great education, he’s surrounded by great people that I trust, and the relationships that he’s going to build there are going to be priceless.

How did you commit?

Rechon Black Sr: After (UNC’s win over Georgia Tech on Jan. 2) we talked to Roy in his office. He answered some questions for us – the biggest thing is that they’re really high on Leaky. For them to offer him as a sophomore, that lets me know that they’re not just doing it to do it. He’s someone they feel is a key piece of what they’re trying to do at Carolina.

Because of my relationship with (assistant) coach (Steve) Robinson, I asked Roy if he could go get Coach Robinson and when he did me, Leaky and his mom (Carla Black), talked and said there’s no need to go through all the nonsense and prolong it when we know where the best place for Leaky to be is.

When Coach Robinson came in I thanked him for believing in my son, for the opportunity to be a Tar Heel and told him we wanted to accept the athletic scholarship to the University of North Carolina in 2018.

What was their reaction?

Leaky Black: They were just very happy. He (Williams) just stretched his hands out in the air. He was happy.

Rechon Black Sr: They were ecstatic. They were very happy. You can tell that Leaky is somebody that they believe in, as being a good piece of what they’re trying to do with the Tar Heel program.

What was Coach Williams’s message about your potential on the court?

Leaky Black: He told me nothing is given and I have to go in there and compete. He said that if I keep improving then he was going to put the ball  in my hands and trust me to do what I do best.

Rechon Black Sr: They’re recruiting Leaky as a point guard. They love everything about his game. Their biggest thing is that he’s a 6-7 point guard with an unbelievable wing span, skill set, plays the Carolina way, very unselfish. They’re so intrigued that by the time he gets there he might be 7-foot, but either way they know they have a high-level basketball player coming regardless.

Did you think it might be too early to make a commitment? After all, Leaky won’t enroll at UNC for another 30 months.

Rechon Black Sr: Danny Manning at Wake Forest and Coach Steve Woodberry at Wake Forest are unbelievable people. Steve Smith at Clemson, Buzz Williams at Virginia Tech, Coach Dave Dickerson at Ohio State, they are great people and we’ve enjoyed getting to know them. Somebody has to be let down, regardless of how many offers you get.

I didn’t want to mislead anybody. My wife wanted him to go to Carolina. If we already knew where the best fit for Leaky was, there was no need to mislead people for three years because we’re just not that kind of people.

Leaky Black: After the game (Georgia Tech on Jan. 2), I said, ‘Why not?’ We don’t want to waste any other college’s time. I thought, ‘We can get this over with’; I can get my mind off of it and commit. If I’ve found the perfect place, why wait?

Do you plan to be an active recruiter for UNC?

Leaky Black: I will try my best to recruit as many top guys as I can. Right when I get there, I’m trying to win a national championship immediately. When I see guys I like, I’ll definitely let Coach Roy and the staff know.

Now that you’re member of the UNC program, can you put this moment into perspective?

Leaky Black: It’s just a blessing, man. Growing up I never thought I’d be a Tar Heel commit. It’s the best fit for me and my family, it’s right up the road, I love Coach Roy. It’s just a blessing. I can’t wait to be a Tar Heel; I’m looking forward to being a part of the family.

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