Jordan appears ready to return -- but should he?

Michael Jordan told a group of reporters yesterday that he will have an announcement in about 10 days on whether he will return to the NBA. His likely comeback begs the question - WHY?

After a long summer of speculation, it appears the Greatest Player in NBA History is going to return -- at age 38.

I've got to admit, Jordan's potential return makes me uneasy.

His Airness had finished his career on an ideal note, winning his sixth title with a game-winning shot and going out on top. Selfishly, I don't want that picture-perfect career tarnished.

We'll all watch intensely as he dons No. 23 in teal this winter, but the thought of seeing him as anything but the greatest makes me cringe.

What if a mediocre opponent burns him off the dribble, or dunks in his face, or swats his shot into the stands?


So, why would you want to return, Michael?

"I'm doing it for the love of the game," he said. "Nothing else. For the love of the game."

But what if your Wizards finish in dead last despite your efforts?

"Winning isn't always championships," he said. "What's wrong with helping kids find their way, teaching them the game."

But the best reason of all comes from ESPN's David Aldridge, who offered the following commentary.

This is Michael Jordan's life -- for anyone to tell him what to do with his life is assumptive on their part. He wants to play, he loves to compete, he hasn't found anything outside of basketball that gives him that charge, so he comes back. (link)

For that reason, I'll stop questioning his decision. So what if he isn't consistently spectacular? He'll still bring his unmatched competitive fire every night and will assuredly astonish us on more than several occasions this season.

Time to sit back and enjoy his return.

LINK: MJ All Set to Return

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