UNC Commitment Q&A: D.J. Ford

During the final day of his UNC official visit Sunday, D.J. Ford verbally committed to the Tar Heels. The safety from Lineville (Ala.) Central of Clay County spoke in-depth with Inside Carolina about his decision.

Q&A with D.J. Ford

Heading into the visit, you didn’t have a UNC offer. When/how was that presented?

“I think the plan was to offer me on the visit all along. But Coach [Charlton] Warren waited until I had my individual talk with him [Sunday morning]. It was me, him and my family. He had a presentation. He was going over the defensive strategies and things. 

“And then he talked about what they had going on recruiting wise. He told me that he needed another safety and that it was between me and three other guys. And he told me that he wanted me over the other guys, because he felt that I was the better guy regardless of the stars and ratings – just from watching my film and seeing my size. That meant something to me.”

So when did you commit?

“Pretty much right on the spot – like immediately. As soon as the offer was made, I committed, because I had enjoyed myself so much being around the guys and coaches and the campus. I liked the way it felt.”

A week ago, you mentioned that you had a leader. But, at that time you didn’t want to reveal its identity. Was that UNC or another school?

“It was North Carolina. I was just waiting for the offer.”

Why UNC?

“It’s an opportunity to play championship football with some of the best coaches in the country. Why not?”

Speaking of its coaches, what impact did your relationship with Warren have?

“Coach Warren, he’s a great guy. He’s really passionate about what he does. I could tell that football really means a lot to him and I really like that. We already have a solid relationship and we’re just getting started.”

Considering you were favoring UNC sight unseen, did you plan on committing on the visit if UNC offered?

“Honestly, I wasn’t, because I didn’t know how it felt being around my potential teammates and the coaches and out on campus. But, then once I got the feel for it, I really enjoyed myself and I loved being around the people. And I knew without a doubt it was for me.”

You had official visits scheduled with Massachusetts and Louisiana-Layette. Will you still take those visits?

“No sir. I’m closing out all of my recruiting. I’m done. I’m committed to North Carolina and North Carolina only.”

How does it feel now knowing where you’re going to sign and attend college?

“It feels good – like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.”

Summarize your UNC official visit.

“We ate a lot, of course. I spent a lot of time with my host, [Dominique] Green, there. I got to know some of the other recruits and we kind of created a bond. And then I got to know the coaches and I got to see everything firsthand.”

You also had a chance to go to the UNC-NC State basketball game. How was that experience?

“That was awesome. I enjoyed it. I liked the environment – it was really loud and a lot of people. It was just a nice environment.”

In addition to Warren, you met with Larry Fedora. What did he say to you?

“I had already committed at that point, so he just congratulated me and made sure I didn’t have any questions that I needed answered and made sure my family was comfortable with everything.”

On Twitter you’ve already begun to do a little recruiting. Are you going to continue with that?

“Patrice [Rene] and I had a really good connection – we spent a lot of time together on the visit – so I was just trying to persuade him to join me. But, I don’t really plan on recruiting. I’m going to let him do his own thing, but if anybody asks my opinion I’m going to tell them the truth. North Carolina speaks for itself – it’s a great place.”

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