UNC-WFU: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Watch and read Roy Williams's postgame comments following UNC's win over Wake Forest on Wednesday at the Smith Center.

Opening Comments:

We won, I'm as happy as I can possibly be (laughs). It wasn't very pretty. Wake struggled and so did we. We shoot 26 percent in the second half, so everybody that shows up at my weekly press conference and talks about what a great shooting team we are, don't ask me that freakin' question anymore.

... We didn't practice very well this week and so as a coachung viewpoint I'm glad we didn't play well - maybe we'll learn to practice better before we play at Virginia Tech on Sunday. Tomorrow is off, so we've got to come back Friday and Saturday, have great practices and get a heck of lot better...

How could you tell in practice when things aren't to your liking?

Anybody that's ever breathed and walked a step could have watched us in practice this week because we did nothing good. Some way, some how we've got to get better habits in practice, better effort in practice. Monday at practice I got mad at them at the end and we decided to see if any of us qualify for the track team. Didn't make me feel any better either. It's pretty easy when you watched us practice this week how bad we were in practice.

When you have a good who has been as good as Marcus, when he's shooting the way he is right now, what do you do?

I don't know. I guess they pay me a lot of money to say 'I don't know.' But I've never had a player that I've had more confidence in, in my entire life, than Marcus, but the ball isn't going in the basket for him right now. He is doing some other things ... He was active defensively, but made some silly fouls, too. Didn't play very well, but I'm telling you the truth: I've never had a player in 28 years as a head coach that I've got more confidence in than I do in Marcus. So I'm going to get get a crystal ball, put a wig on, get some incense, see if I can go chant something to go figure it out.

Your team was able to get the ball inside a lot tonight ...

Yeah, and Brice 8-for-12, but Kennedy tip-toed it up there instead of exploding up, Isaiah twisted and turned too much instead of exploding up. I'm sitting here complaining and we've been all right. But my goals are pretty doggone high and standards are pretty high on how we practice - and we didn't meet that this week.

Is there still a sense of satisfaction to win comfortable despite shooting poorly?

No, satisfaction is not part of my language right now - nowhere close.


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