Q&A with Wallace Prather on Randolph Morris

The reports are out there. College coaches, recruiting analysts and basketball junkies are intrigued. So <i>IC</i> went straight to the source this morning to get one informed opinion on what's up with UNC and 6-11 Randolph Morris, one of the best true centers in the class of 2004. We caught up with long-time Atlanta Celtics boss Wallace Prather on his cell phone in Los Angeles to talk about Morris.

IC -- "Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions this morning. First of all -- where is Randolph with his decision making progress at this time?"

Prather - "I really don't know right now. That's a process that Randolph and his family have been handling. He comes from a good family and this year has been sort of different this summer in that the big three (Dwight Howard, Josh Smith and Morris) -- their recruitment has been handled by the families."

IC "That's understandable. You guys have enough to worry about with the travel, the tournaments and the daily preparation. How do you gauge UNC's interest in him? Talk about how they've been recruiting him this summer."

Prather -- "They're definitely recruiting him hard. I haven't talked to Roy Williams, but I've spoken with Steve Robinson and he told me that they are recruiting both Dwight and Randolph. He said that they loved the way that Randolph plays. He said that they only have one big man there and that he'd be a great addition to their roster. I think they'd love to have him."

IC -- "Has UNC put forth an offer at this time?"

Prather --"Personally, I think they have, but I think they have probably committed that to the Morris family."

IC -- What are your thoughts on his summer performances? He's been getting rave reviews and plenty of publicity.

Prather --"Randolph played fantastic this summer. He was actually one of the main keys to all of our success. A lot of teams tried to key on the other two (Smith and Howard) but it was Randolph who drove the dagger in their hearts. A lot of folks seemed quite surprised by his summer performance, but I always expected him to perform like he did. He's a big time player."

IC -- "What else can you tell us about Randolph, aside from his basketball status?"

Prather -- "He's a fantastic person, a fantastic student and whoever gets him in college is going to have a fantastic player as well. He's a great kid who comes from a good family."

IC -- "What's your take on his current school list?"

Prather -- "Georgia Tech, UNC, Notre Dame, Michigan, Kentucky, Georgia and UCLA. I may have forgotten some also."

IC -- "The common perception out there has always been that Georgia Tech is the team to beat here. How do you feel about that assumption?"

Prather -- "Without a doubt, Tech has always been recruiting him heavily. These kids have always been a focal point for Georgia Tech because they're local and they're exactly what they need. I think Georgia Tech is still one of Randolph's top schools."

Stay tuned to IC for more details as this develops and be sure to check out IC's Randolph Morris profile for coverage of his impressive summer.

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